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  1. Roger Andrade

    ON SALE ** 7W Laser NUBM44

    Findind a new home for this beast! - NUBM44 Diode w/ G2 Lens - SXD Super X Drive set at 4.5A - Ceramic 2 Thermal applied (accompanies, is full) - Thermal Alumina A and B (accompanies, is full) - S4 Host from Survival Laser - This host is running with 2x 18350 but i'm sending with 2x new...
  2. Roger Andrade

    **HELP** How to know which driver is mine?

    Hello guys! Since 2015 I have a Sci-fi laser 1 - 1.8W 445nm (not sure the power) and my drive burned completely .. does it affects the diode? The diode light is very light when I turn on conecting directly. How can I know if my diode is still good? Also, the main question: How can I know...
  3. Roger Andrade

    HELP!!!! Build a new laser from 501B

    Hello guys!! I have a sci-fi laser 1.8W blue (model 501B) that I acquired in 2015 from Eitan and I would like to put new parts on it and use only the body. I don't have any knowledge to be able to assemble my own laser. Could someone help me what parts should i buy and where to buy to mount a...
  4. Roger Andrade

    HELP - Building / Reviving a new laser.

    Hi folks! I hope you're doing well! First of all, I'm completely beginner without knowledge in lasers, diodes etc... sorry my ignorance in some themes... In 2015 I bought a laser from Sci-fi lasers, (2.4W blue) I bet some of you know this company... unfortunately my laser died it's been a long...
  5. Roger Andrade

    [HELP] Sci-fi Laser 2.4 mw

    Hello dears, Is my first time here in the group, I'm from Brazil and I would like your help with my laser bought from Sci-Fi lasers (501B 2.4mw) 3/4 years ago. Recently I loaned it to my uncle and I can imagine he reversed the batteries and my laser died. Now, when I put the batteries and turn...