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    7 W 450 Sinner V1 FS! lowered price!!

    Re: 7 W 450 Sinner V1 FS! I don't even know what a nubm44 is??? All I know is my last blue pointer was an Optotronics RPL which was only available in 30mW, which at the time was the world's most powerful handheld true blue. Browsing through the site, I noticed some people selling 460nm...
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    7 W 450 Sinner V1 FS! lowered price!!

    Re: 7 W 450 Sinner V1 FS! Hi Not sure if your aware but I've been absent from.thr laser scene for many many years now. Just recently here in the UK, we've been getting some really thick fog and it just reminded me of my laser days and brought me back here. This is my first post in about 8 years...
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    FS: REDUCED: DL Spartan BP 40mW £235 + Hulk 150mW £135 - (*UK ONLY*)

    Re: FS: Dragon Lasers Spartan BP 40mW 473nm + Hulk 150mW 532nm - (*UK ONLY*) Wow I smell Brits :D Last time I was on here, there was only me and one other member from the UK :p Laser prices are still incredibly high today! After all these years, I thought prices would have come down eventually.
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    Need a custom >1W 445/447 Pointer making.

    Hi guys, not been on here for a few years maybe. It's that time of the year we go camping sleeping in tents in the countryside and I am in need of a powerful but more importantly "bright" blue laser pointer with good beam charachteristics. In my time I had a few 473nm RPL lasers from Optotronics...
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    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Re: NEW Viasho Group buy #2 wow roosl nice first green and blue lasers :) so is this Viasho GB just for 532nm then? no blue's being offered..?
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    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Re: NEW Viasho Group buy #2 WOW an Optotronics GB??? are there any Blue RPL's on offer here???
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    Quick Sale: Optotronics 150mW Pen BARGAIN!!

    Hi folks, looking to sell my 150mW pen I bought from Optotronics few months back. Bought it just to use on an overnight trip in the dales and now is surplus to requirement. It is almost brand new, probably boasting around 15 minutes of total usage time. Laser has incredible divergence and...
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    Calling All High Power Portable Laser (Green/Blue) Owners

    hey, i have had 3 RPL green's and 2 Blue's over the past few years, bought from Optotronics. i'll try give you a rundown to the best of my knowledge. Model/Wavelength/Advertised Power - RPL 400/532nm Divergence value - from what i remember it was 0.8mrad Peak/Avg. power value. - average power...
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    Yellow laser pointer $225 + shipping

    a 0-2mw yellow will seem weak if your only used to green lasers. you will only see the beam through fog. the biggest problem i had with my old rigel was fluctuation. it could never really keep a stable output for more than 10seconds at a time (except when using fresh lithiums) if you've never...
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    Bluray Discs - understanding formats/layers

    i know everybody here is pretty much a laser expert or an enthusiast through and through but do we have any expert's in the optical discs field? i needed some more info on a few things. disc type ie - BD-R/BD-RE/BD-RE DL etc one thing i never understood is the disc layers. how many layers does a...
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    Optotronics GB FEELER

    PM sent Glenn.
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    Optotronics RPL-425 review BEST PORTABLE YET!

    Great review!!!! that is one insane RPL!!! does the output fluctuate significantly or is it quiet stable?? either way it's still an amazing piece of kit you have there!!
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    FS: DL 75mW Viper

    lol i don't think there's many of us brits on here. i'll be keeping a close eye on this one :)
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    Need a reliable pen laser.

    hehe the first name that came to mind was indeed optotronics. i emailed Jack, but no reply as of yet. what about Novalasers and Dragonlasers???? how are these 2 companies doing these days?? still very reliable and at the top of the CNI penlaser market are they??
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    Need a reliable pen laser.

    what's the best bang for buck at the moment on a true ~100mw greenie?? having a few nights in the countryside next week, would like something reliable. have a small budget of around $150. can anyone recommend a good laser please?
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    Laser TV - will we ever see this technology?

    thanks for the input guys!!!
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    Laser TV - will we ever see this technology?

    yeh partially agree with you KGB. the 3D stuff does look amazing but not quiet as sharp and detailed picture as you get with 1080p bluray material. what i wanna know is how do the current laser tv's like the laservue etc differ from proper laser technology. these are DLP displays using a laser...
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    Laser TV - will we ever see this technology?

    wow thanks for that pullbangdead, great bit of info. i just saw that "sumitomo electric" just recently produced the first green laser diode in the world. you mentioned that blue diodes have come along way. what wavelength are these diodes and am i right in thinking they're still at the...
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    Laser TV - will we ever see this technology?

    recently it was LED tv's which got all the limelight, but in reality they are the same as LCD tv's but with and edge-lit backlight. currently everybodys buzzing about the new "3D-HD" tv's which will be out near christmas time. some people are wondering about "Laser-TV". what is stopping the big...