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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    I remember you PMing me a while back about being interested in the 589 but wanting to pay in instalments, I honestly can’t even remember if I got back to you. While I would sell it to someone in the US, it would be on a basis of mutual understanding that if it got destroyed by your country’s...
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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    I never said you had to agree to the price I named, only that it was the price I had chosen. A market is formed when a buyer and seller agree to the terms and form a deal... my price may seem high, but I don't see a raft of people willing to sell their Spartans at the same price or less than...
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    Looking to buy a Dragon Lasers 50mw 589nm Spartan

    I have a Spartan 589 I'm considering selling and I am in the UK. Those of you who are regulars here may roll your eyes given I was looking to sell previously and then chickened out on account of emotional attachment, but the thing is it hasn't come out of its box in all those months since and I...
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    similar case here. We have a largely pro-brexit government in power so it’s fashionable to hate them at the moment. They’re being called out for what they’re currently doing, but you can guarantee, without doubt, that if we were on early lockdown and stockpiling supplies to the max labour would...
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    You've rather missed my point there. During normal seasonal flu there are going to be a lot of people who get it and ride it out on their own. There is not a mass panic and media hype every flu season and official guidance on what to do. People just do what they normally would and get through it...
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    I think the reason a lot of people have died in Italy is because they have a disproportionately large population of older citizens. I don't know who Anthony Fauci is, but 10x the mortality rate of flu has to take into account several things. First off - how many people with flu don't bother...
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    You've not actually answered my question or outlined the specific points mentioned in the press release which says to me you either haven't listened to it and the rationale for why we are doing what we are doing, or you don't agree with it but you can't back that up with key points. I have...
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    This is nothing but a media frenzy and I wish more people would see this for what it is. People fighting each other and scrambling over toilet rolls is the thin end of the wedge. This is a virus which is effectively as deadly as the flu, or ever so slightly more so, and the world is being shut...
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    No longer for sale

    I am now withdrawing this from sale. Deep down I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to let it go, but there is another reason - it seems DL has now stopped selling these handhelds, which changes the market dynamic and potential future value quite considerably. I also don't particularly need the...
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    No longer for sale

    odd, I looked at a few BST threads and saw that DL were selling for something like $450. I'm in no rush to sell so we will see what happens.
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    No longer for sale

    Hi all The time has come after much thinking for me to list my 589nm "Spartan" dragon laser 589 for sale. As you most likely already know these take a single 18650 battery and chuck out a gorgeous yellow/amber line of light. The (brief) story with this one is as follows:- I bought it from...
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    UK. thanks for the messages. I'll post a thread soon, just need to make that final jump in convincing myself to part with it.
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    FS: [SOLD] Dragon Lasers 589 nm, 50 mW Spartan hand-held

    I am toying with listing my DL Spartan for sale to fund some of my other hobbies, I really don't want to but I also have hardly taken it out of its box in damn near 3 years and it's a sin for it to be sat there while someone else could be enjoying it. if you are interested (it's the same type...
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    Veterans section access

    I was a vet as well. Can I have access once again please?
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    Currently I get 70 mbps down and about 30 mbps up. It's enough to watch 4K video OK with no buffering, which is neat since I now have a 4K capable screen.
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    Wow.. Just Wow... Google is spying on you...

    I see the tin hat brigade are out in force in this thread! Some of what's said (general gist of analytics being used) is true but the likes of iPhones "phoning home" even when they're off isn't true. Apple has been known to take very libertarian stances on security and the right to personal...
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    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    I like animation like that. “Simons cat” is among my favourite.
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    Sigh, another one.

    I sold a 1.6W 445nm laser (back when that was still a respectable power level) because it was too much! All I wanted was a cute blue beam to take photos of and instead I got an unwieldy blue pillar of destruction that burned several holes in my curtains, furniture and carpet, murdered the...
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    Just had to!

    Ok... now I want one. Looks as much fun as a laser with basically no legality issues.
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    Im back.. Its been 3 years.

    Damn every time I come here the rep system has multiplied. Talk about inflation...