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    Need a custom >1W 445/447 Pointer making.

    Hi guys, not been on here for a few years maybe. It's that time of the year we go camping sleeping in tents in the countryside and I am in need of a powerful but more importantly "bright" blue laser pointer with good beam charachteristics. In my time I had a few 473nm RPL lasers from Optotronics...
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    Quick Sale: Optotronics 150mW Pen BARGAIN!!

    Hi folks, looking to sell my 150mW pen I bought from Optotronics few months back. Bought it just to use on an overnight trip in the dales and now is surplus to requirement. It is almost brand new, probably boasting around 15 minutes of total usage time. Laser has incredible divergence and...
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    Bluray Discs - understanding formats/layers

    i know everybody here is pretty much a laser expert or an enthusiast through and through but do we have any expert's in the optical discs field? i needed some more info on a few things. disc type ie - BD-R/BD-RE/BD-RE DL etc one thing i never understood is the disc layers. how many layers does a...
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    Need a reliable pen laser.

    what's the best bang for buck at the moment on a true ~100mw greenie?? having a few nights in the countryside next week, would like something reliable. have a small budget of around $150. can anyone recommend a good laser please?
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    Laser TV - will we ever see this technology?

    recently it was LED tv's which got all the limelight, but in reality they are the same as LCD tv's but with and edge-lit backlight. currently everybodys buzzing about the new "3D-HD" tv's which will be out near christmas time. some people are wondering about "Laser-TV". what is stopping the big...
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    Need updating on current 405nm status

    Hey guys, man it's been a while for me sur have missed this place. no matter how much i tried to stay away from lasers, some part in me feels "incomplete" without a laser. i'm seeing too many foggy nights and not owning a laser quiet simply hurts. i'm really far behind interms of whats new out...
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    >FS: Very Rare +70mW Opto RPL Blue 473nm handheld<

    up for sale is a very very rare and unique optotronics RPL blue laser, measured at over +70mW average output. make no mistake, high powered dpss 473nm blue handhelds are rare as you know, but +70mW is one of a kind. i've had the laser for around 5 months but its only been taken out of the house...
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    Unique 473nm RPL - beam pics

    managed to take a few pics earlier, thought i would share them with you guys.
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    110mw 405nm & 275mw 650nm- $160 shipped

    hi folks, i have two lasers for sale if anyone is interested. drlava build kryton barrell 658nm - 275mw average output. runs off 2x CR123 batteries. mariomaster >110mw 405nm - running off 1x CR2 battery. both in good physical condition. price drop - $160 for both, shipped!!
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    Laser Clearance - my entire collection

    ok folks, its time i let my crown jewels go. i am selling my entire laser collection, all if not most the lasers are in the same new condition as i got them, and they have been taken great care of. physical condition on most would be 9/10 or 10/10 on a few of them. ALL the lasers have clean...
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    i may just retire from lasers

    i have come to a very tough conclusion that this is the end of the road for me as far as lasers go. i have had some warning signs and then some wake up calls and if i dont take this final chance, then it may be too late. i was setting up alignment with a few optics/gratings when i was struck...
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    200mW mxdl bluray from Daguin - mini review

    Daguin's communication/support was excellent. just as you'd like, he replied to PM's almost immediately. i think he shipped the laser out on saturday and i recieved it in the uk the following wednesday. the parcel was packaged very professionally, with lots of peanut/bubblewrap in a flat...
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    532nm Targeting scope for guns

    i recently got to know some dude who collects guns. im not sure wether these are "real" guns or just pellet guns, not got around to asking him. anyway, we got talking and i had to tell him bit about lasers. he now wants a green laser scope for hes rifle, but the only ones i can find are <5mw...
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    FS: Fujifilm finepix Z20FD 10mp Digital Camera

    would anyone be interested in this? i have had this camera for 3 days but not had the chance to play with it properly. total usage time on this camera from brand new is no more than 10 minutes of use!! its literally brand new, only that the box has been opened. all the accessories are more or...
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    FOR SALE - Optotronics RPL-400  532nm Laser

    i cant help myself here i know im going to regret this but i got into some last minute financial crisis again so i have no choice but to put up my RPL-400 beast of a laser for sale. this unit is still as new, bought in december 07 and has no scratches or marks anywhere on the body. for the very...
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    LG Hercules 400 - $1500 (ebay)

    look what i found on ebay - Herc 400 for $1500. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=330253986274&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=014 thats almost 50% off rrp. i sense a cheeky last minute steal maybe :-/
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    another idiot shines laser on police chopper

    what the f*ck is wrong with these pricks? this guys my age he should know damn well better. the scariest thing is huddersfield is only a 10-15 min journey from me. a year or 2 down the line, i can see the UK heading in the same direction as australia :( read the full story here...
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    Optotronics RPL-Blue 44mw Review

    i noticed i posted an incomplete review of this laser a day before the LPF server crashed recently and now that i have my power meter back, i thought i would post the complete review seen as though it got deleted. i have to say i got excellent customer service from Jack, he answered all emails...
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    FS: RPL-400 $1000

    up for sale is an optotronics RPL-400 532nm laser. i got this beast direct from Jack only about 4 months ago, the unit condition is still as new, no visible scratches or chips anywhere on the laser, took great care of this. to be honest, i have hardly used this laser since i bought it, maybe a...
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    DX CR2 charger

    the charger for my dx red 200 arrived, but im kinda confused as to how to power this. the charger came itself as you see in the pic below, but strangely theres no power lead. there are 2 pins at the back which look as if they connect into a wall socket. when i put the batteries in, the green...