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  1. alf638

    Quick Hene Question

    Hi guys, I recently got my first HeNe and have just finished building a power supply based on the following schematic (from The Professor's Homebuilt Laser Page) I know its not the most efficient power supply, and it's definitely not going to be permanent, but I happened to have all the...
  2. alf638

    WTB: Bare Tube HeNe 1-5mW, in Australia

    So I've been away from the laser hobby for quite a few years but have recently become pretty interested again since studying physics at University. I've been shopping around for a bare tube HeNe for a while now, and the best deal I can find is $97.50 for a 5mW tube plus $50 shipping to...
  3. alf638

    I will be gone for a while...

    Hi, as I mentioned somewhere in another thread I am going on a school camp for 9 weeks and I am leaving on Saturday. I am strarting this thread just to say I may not be able to post in that time. I will update (if I can post that is), to answer that question.
  4. alf638

    The Basics Of Electricity.

    When I first joined this forum I had no electrical experience and I found the whole concept of electricity very confusing. I am writing this guide to help people who may be having the same problem. Firstly, electricity is measured in volts and amps. One milivolt is 1/1000th of a volt and...
  5. alf638

    The funniest site I have seen in a long time.

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I was searching around randomly and I happened upon a very funny website, here it is. I am better than your kids. And another one on the same site: More crappy children's art work. There is alot of very funny but politically incorrect stuff on that site...
  6. alf638

    The Worlds greatest shave.

    Hi, each year here in Australia (not sure about other contries). their is an event known as The Worlds Greatest Shave where participents shave or color their hair to raise money for the Leukimia Foundation. Leukimia effects 30000 Australians and is one of the most common types of cancer. I have...
  7. alf638

    Looking for a good yet cheap high powered torch.

    Well, I guess the title says it all. I am going away to a school camp for nine weeks and I want to buy a good powerful torch that can put everyone elses to shame :) Preferably I want to spend under thirty dollars, I want a metal body and I would like water proofing. This one from ebay seems good...
  8. alf638

    Simple loc question.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could'nt find this anywhere. I recently completed my first full build; a lab style loc running at 250ma (build coming soon). And I was wondering if anyone knew what power this would be running at or if someone has a ma mW graph for these.
  9. alf638

    Planning my first 445 and one question.

    Ok, I am planning my first 445 build; I have built locs and some irs in the past and own an ArIon so I think I can handle the power;) I plan to use a guidesman host which is on the way, a flexdrive v5 and maybe an olike 445 lens. I want to run this diode at 1.5-1.6W and I think I should use...
  10. alf638

    Timelab lasers +++

    Several months ago I bought an 80mw ArIon laser from Timelablasers a.k.a Rob and it is my very favourite laser! Rob was great to deal with from the time I started the buying process to the time the laser arrived, It was packed fantastically and was delivered overnight. See here for a...
  11. alf638

    Laser printer for $30, is it worth it.

    I have the opportunity to get this printer for thirty dollars and I was wondering what type of laser it uses, any usefull optics or circuitry etc that are available for harvest. Thanks for any help, it's located here.
  12. alf638

    5-80mw Laser Physics Argon Ion Review(Picture Heavy).

    Ok, this is my first review so bare with me. I recently ordered a 5-80mw adjustable ArIon laser from timelablasers A.K.A Rob. He was great throuhout the entire buying process and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy lasers. The laser arrive the day after it was sent in a nice big...
  13. alf638

    5-80mw Laser Physics Argon Ion Review(Picture Heavy).

    Sorry double post my internet was dropping out.
  14. alf638

    Questions about CNI UV.

    I was just interested to know if anyone happens to own, or have seen in action, a UV laser module from CNI. The link below will take you to the ones I mean. 266nm UV Ultraviolet laser. If yes could you please inform me as of the price of the module (and its respective power;)) And also, as uv...
  15. alf638

    Looking for an SSY-1

    I have recently began searching for an ssy-1. The ssy-1 is a q-switched nd yag laser that was originally used for a laser range finder in a tank. It has a pulsed output and is available on Meredith Instruments.com, unfortunatley they wont ship to my country (Australia), and so I am looking for...
  16. alf638

    The Search For The Most Deadly Lasing Medium!

    Ok, I was given the idea for this from my radon lasers thread. In it I mentioned the possibility of using radon (or even cyanide), as a lasing medium. Now in this thread I am looking for ideas on the most deadly laser MEDIUM, not high output; MEDIUM. So post your ideas and if you know, what...
  17. alf638

    Radon Lasers?

    Hi, I'm just new to gas lasers an I've been wondering about the possibility of a radon laser. As i'm sure you know gas lasers use a noble gas or a mixture of them as radon is a noble gas in theory it could be used. I've searched for them on google with no results.The only reason I can think of...
  18. alf638

    Looking for gas laser basics.

    I know a fair bit about diode lasers and the "very" basics of gas lasers and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help show me the ropes of gas lasers. e.g what parts you need, why and where to start. I know lots of this is already on the forum but i have been unable to find a good...
  19. alf638

    New from Australia.

    Hi, I've just started my account on LPF. I've been using the site for months but with no account. Started with lasers recently and i've been trying out different infrared and red diodes on my homemade ddl driver. I also have a broken 200mw focusable 532nm laser from budget gadgets. Uuuuum, so...