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  1. usedwolverine56

    FS: Osram PL520 Diode In Copper Module W/Driver & FREE C6 Host

    I have a 520nm laser module for sale. Link to where I bought the module from: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/pl520-520nm-laser-diode Link to where I bought the host from: Survival Laser C6 Host Assembly The host's aluminum heat sink is broken (The screw thread is stripped...
  2. usedwolverine56

    How much mAh in a 18650 should be used for this?

    Hello all, I am going to get a PGL-III-C-589 25mw. And I need to know the correct amout of mAh in the 18650 battery that it needs. Also on the PDF that they provide, it shows the type of battery (18650) but doesn't show the correct amount of mAh. I already have a 18650 battery, it's an IMR with...
  3. usedwolverine56

    Ehgemus Custom Built 20mw 532nm Reveiw | Dragon Lasers Module

    Hello all, this is my first review. So I make any mistakes I would like it if you could tell me, thanks. Anyway, me and Ehgemus have been talking about this laser for 3 weeks. I gave him money to buy the laser module from Dragon Lasers and the amount for the host, labor, and shipping. He...
  4. usedwolverine56

    Post random pics off the internet

    There are already several places to post "random" pictures Also, anything like this should go in the "Off Topic" section
  5. usedwolverine56

    New to gas lasers and need help.

    I am going to buy a Uniphase Argon 488nm off of someone here in the forums, and I don't know how to use them correctly. Thanks.
  6. usedwolverine56

    WTB - Wicked Lasers Evolution pro

    I have been look for this for ages! Please private message me if you want to sell one or you know someone who wants to sell theirs.
  7. usedwolverine56

    Yellow (589nm) laser 5mw 329.99 USD shipped?

    Dragon lasers are selling 589nm pens (5mw) surprisingly cheaper than CNI. A while back I talked to CNI's sales person Ava, they said a GLP-589 5mw was 350$ plus 80$ shipping (I live in the USA) so that racks up to 430$ shipped. What I am wondering is why DL sell that cheaper than CNI. I would...
  8. usedwolverine56

    I'm looking for a laser, my price range is (150$)

    I'm trying to find a high-quality laser in the price range of 150$. if anyone has any suggestions please post below. I don't care what color, I just want to see what you guys have bought in that price range.:)
  9. usedwolverine56

    Osram 520nm 50mw laser not working

    I ordered an Osram pl520 520nm laser diode already pressed into a module with a driver from DTR. And I hooked it up to 8 AA batteries, after 2 seconds it stopped working. I used 2 123 batteries and a very dim spot showed up and that is pretty much it... I talked to DTR for a few days and he told...