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  1. travishall81

    Wicked Lasers Tripod

    I have for sale a gently used wicked lasers tripod(mount). Asking $60. Unfortunately can only accept money order of check. My PayPal was hacked. Can reach me at travishall81@gmailcom. The lasers in pics are not included...
  2. travishall81

    2.3w Ehgemus 445nm build by Yobresal w/WL Tripod

    I am reluctantly selling my custom built 2.3w 2300mw 445nm blue laser with tripod. It is perfect for astronomy or burning objects (i.e. wood) I paid quite a bit for it to have this thing built but I need the money. Any questions, please ask!.. I am accepting reasonable offers at this time...
  3. travishall81

    Selling My 1 Watt 638nm Red Laser & 1.25 Watt 445nm Rifle

    Hi all...Due to school, and life in general, I have to part with some of my lasers and other hobby-related items. The first two I will be selling are my 1 Watt 638nm Rook Red laser (built by Blord) and my 1.25 Watt 445nm Rifle (comes with lens kit, case, and glasses). The 638nm Rook has less...
  4. travishall81

    Trade My New 1w 638nm By Blord for Car Audio Receiver

    Hello all! I am in need of a newer used double din Pioneer/Kenwood/Alpine/Clarion/ Etc.. car head unit with navigation, bluetooth, etc.. Just so happens I have a 1 watt Rook 638nm red laser I recently had custom built by Blord. If you have one you would like to trade just shoot me a message! I...
  5. travishall81

    Jetlasers PLE 532 400mw+ for trade

    Hi all! I have decided to place this listing regarding my Jetlasers PLE 400mw 532 (although it looks to be 500mw+; I do not own an LPM). It comes with the focus-able laser itself, the extension tube, (1) King Kong 26650, (2) 4Sevens 26650, 1() 18650 ultrafire, ( 2) 18650 spacers, wall...
  6. travishall81

    Laser Tripods/Mounts

    For your consideration I have 6 laser pointer tripods for sale. They are all still in their original packaging and work great for most laser pointer. They fit all of mine as the the mount is somewhat flexible and will stretch to accommodate most size laser pointers. However, they do not for...
  7. travishall81

    Looking for a Tripod for Your Laser(s)?

    Hi all. I recently answered a question from another member inquiring about tripods in another section. Figured I would copy & paste my answer here for those of you looking for a tripod. 1) Mini 360°Adjustable Tripod Stand bracket Holder for Torch Light Flashlight Lamp | eBay 2) NEBO 5575...
  8. travishall81

    Jetlasers 400mw for $299

    Hi all... As of late I have been keeping an eye out for a semi-hi to hi-powered 532nm green laser. Today I came across an excellent deal in the clearance section of jetlasers; a 400mw 532nm green handheld laser for $299. I have never ordered from them before, so I am uncertain on shipping times...