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  1. daguin

    What's a daguin?

    I was asked to help settle a discussion. ;) Peace, dave
  2. daguin

    ::SOLD:: M-140 Diodes $30 ea; A-140 Diodes $20 ea

    SOLD Peace, dave
  3. daguin

    Cubote's Assorted Ad Posts Merged Here

    Cubote continues to posts small "ads" in assorted threads This thread is a place where we can collect them until he learns
  4. daguin

    WTB -- 4 @ Switch Spacers for Kryton Host

    Has anyone found a source for the switch spacers for the Kryton Smooth barrels? I need four of them 17mm OD x 10mm ID x 4.8mm tall If no one has them, maybe someone can machine them for me? Peace, dave
  5. daguin


    SOLD I have one last 2W+ 9mm 445nm full kit left These come with the Kryton Groove host. They are 9mm hosts. They are complete, new hosts with the focus adapter. These are lightly anodized to cut down on fingerprints etc. You will have to wire brush the contact points and threads ;) They...
  6. daguin

    SOLD: Partial Parts to Build 20 @ 1W 445nm Lasers

    SOLD I went through the parts drawer and found something to help someone get started as a builder without breaking their bank account ;) I have here the parts (minus host, battery & diode) to build 20 @ 1W 445nm lases in a C-6 host (not included) Included in this batch are: 20 @ aluminum heat...
  7. daguin

    SOLD -- C-6 kits for 1.5W+ 445nm (daguin)

    SOLD I have only six (6) kits left. I will take $400 for all six and cover domestic shipping. We will work out a discount on international shipping Otherwise, I will still sell ones and twos Peace, dave OK. Well, it looks like no one is ready to start up a business. I'll switch over to...
  8. daguin

    NWLEM 1/31-2/2 in Portland, OR

    The second North West Laser Enthusiast Meet is schedule for Jan 31st - Feb 2nd in Portland, OR If you are interested in attending there is a thread over at PL Space is limited Also, if you have never been to a meet before, PLEASE send me a PM There are some norms and mores you need to be...
  9. daguin

    Stopping Light

    This is a pretty good (meaning basic ;) ) explanation of the experiment https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=518022534950827 Peace, dave
  10. daguin

    Updated 8/30/14-- daguin - Hand Helds, Labby's, and HeNe, and HeCd Oh My!

    UPDATED 9/17/14 Some of these have sat here too long Let's see if we can't get them out into the community If you're picking up more than one item, I'll do my best to save you shipping cost Also, I'll entertain offers These are wasted on the shelf HAND HELD LASERS First up, I have a 700mW...
  11. daguin

    *CLOSED* Daguin's "At Cost" Sale *CLOSED*

    CLOSED You might still get lucky with an offer over in the clearance sale thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/round-ii-daguin-inventory-reduction-sale-80264.html Peace, dave
  12. daguin

    Have the Ponies Gone Too Far?

    a3m7-UwGKrU From Pony To Person: The Disturbing Evolution Of My Little Pony, In Photos Peace, dave
  13. daguin

    Trolls, Spammers, Banned Members, etc.

    Please do NOT fight with or respond to trolls, spammers, banned members, etc. Just click on the "report post" button ( )and let the admin know. We will take care of it You just enjoy the forum Thanks Peace, dave
  14. daguin

    New Subduction Zone Forming

    New 'Embryonic' Subduction Zone Found | Geology Peace, dave
  15. daguin

    Kepler Goes Down :(

    After rocketing into deep space and passing its initial tests, the Kepler telescope began its search for planets around other stars on May 12, 2009. Engineers designed the spacecraft to last four years, and apparently the warranty has expired. Last Sunday, four years to the day after science...
  16. daguin

    I've Got Work to Do

    I just don't want to . . . . Peace, dave
  17. daguin

    How To Get Along and Be Accepted at LPF

    IF YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS AND DECIDE IT IS TOO LONG TO READ, YOU HAVE ALREADY FAILED Recently a member asked me to explain the "culture" of LPF Not understanding the culture of the forum is the basis of many of the conflicts with NooB's In explaining it to the member, I hit upon an analogy that...
  18. daguin

    What if I Don't Have an LPM?

    The question comes up fairly regularly asking how one can estimate the output (mW) of a laser based on comparing it to other lasers or by what it can burn Unfortunately, what it "looks like" to you (or anyone else) or how well it burns something is almost meaningless How may mW would you...
  19. daguin

    Finally (maybe?) ;)

    Physics Explained HuffPost Live Peace, dave
  20. daguin

    Meanwhile in Singapore . . . . .

    In Singapore, lasers which have an output of greater than 5mW are illegal The government of Singapore is carefully protecting its citizens from these dangerous lasers. HOWEVER . . . . . Apparently lasers which have an output of greater than 5mW are really only dangerous for poor people...