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  1. Lifetime17

    My laser is dead... help identify diode

    Hi, If you want to replace the 2W diode just buy a M14 diode they will do 2+w at 1.8A . You can get it from Barnett unlimited on Ebay for cheap. Rich:)
  2. Lifetime17

    Hello, I'm from Oregon and I'm a noob with a problem.

    Hi LPF, This post is a good one , I purchased goods from Barnett and he always came through . I cant complain... Rich:)
  3. Lifetime17

    Shipping problems in the US

    Hi, Be patient im sure you will get your order. They ship many orders in the US and abroad. They have your back dont worry . Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    Hi, You need dis Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    That sound great Red I will do a prototype and I can make it longer also. the one in the pic is 1/2 thick by 1-1/4 Dia. made them for a customer . Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hi, I would still need some thread M9x0.5 to thread into the 12mm copper module. Or am I missing something, I can thread the lens threads further in and leave about 3or 4 threads to screw the adapter all the way to the heatsink and it would be snug enough to just use the BE to focus. Rich:)
  7. Lifetime17

    Struggling to put 3.8mm diode in to housing

    Hi, DTR also sells these press tools . They come in 3.8mm , 5.5mm , and 9mm . Buy the set that includes a press in and a press out toll with the guiding sleeve. Do it the right way , save the diode from the trash can. Go to DTR laser shop .com Rich:)
  8. CF248B50-6F48-4DCF-AD89-28216613C5E8_1_201_a.jpeg


  9. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hi LPF, If interested I can machine Sanwu adapters , holds a 9mx0.5 lens and a Sanwu 3Xbeam expander . Thanks For looking Rich:)
  10. Lifetime17

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hi, Welcome to LPF here you will find info to our hobby. Enjoy and be safe Rich:)
  11. Lifetime17

    First post and introduction from Florida

    Hi Brandon, Welcome to LPF nice intro enjoy and be safe always Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    nubm44 handheld builds 4sale

    Hi, There you go a little more info for the sale for potential customers. good price for the C8 44 builds. Rich:)
  13. Lifetime17

    nubm44 handheld builds 4sale

    Hi, As Encap said folks need prices for each build and possibly shipping cost from Greece to the USA or Europe . All those builds require 2X18350 cells unless the drivers are a boost drive to run the 44's . Those hosts are C8's and C6 hosts with Aluminum sinks. Good luck with the sales.. Rich:)
  14. Lifetime17

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Hi Encap, No way tell me this isn't true , what a con... Rich:)
  15. Lifetime17

    Driver For Sharp 405

    Hi, I have done 5 Sharp builds , so far so good. 1.5A if fine for the Sharp at a little harder no problem. Again the divergence is great with a G2 if you need for enhancement use another lens , your not going to loose much mW's . As for your BDR-209 how often do you really use it and and at...
  16. Lifetime17

    Driver For Sharp 405

    Hi, I been reading this post off and on Please dont mistake the Sharp 405 setting to the BDR-209/405 . The Sharp has guts to were the 209 if very fussy about being pushed resulting in failure in little time. The 209 at 1A is like pushing for the Holy Grail , not happening. besides the 209 is a...
  17. Lifetime17

    DTR 405

    Hi, Great to hear you received the build, Thank you for posting here and enjoy the 405. The Sharp 405 diode is a great addition to the well known BDR-209 , but I must say that the Sharp has more punch . Pics soon ?? Rich:)
  18. Lifetime17

    Ideas and instructions for custom tail cap - no switch

    Hi First it depends on how big the board is Then you will need the brass rings at 17mm for a 16.8mm board if that’s the size you will be using you will need the right size counter bore Survival Laser has boards and brass rings
  19. Lifetime17

    Ideas and instructions for custom tail cap - no switch

    Hi, You can do it the tail cap is the ground to the host , the contact board needs to be in contact with the tailcap . On the board you should see copper traces that need to contact the Aluminum and just solder a spring or a solder blob. Rich:)
  20. Lifetime17

    Comment by 'Lifetime17' in media '90B77B9A-A3F9-4457-8256-ED1E49F4BD2A_1_201_a.jpeg'

    Hi , I put a Sharp 405nm diode in that one , its a full build and it puts out 1.900 mW's+ and this 405 is a workhorse better than the BDR=209 diode that can fry and die at 1W settings I have it up fo sale and its 150.00 I ship builds Priority mail 2/3 day 8.45