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  1. Radim

    Sanwu's Pockets: Laserpainting

    Hi my Friends, it is long time, I've purchased some lasers and since I've heard here Sanwu is not releasing their RGB (any news and/or information confirmation?), I'll go with original idea for Instant Laserpainting and my Secret Project A. I'll go with Pocket Series Lasers. Hereby my art for...
  2. Radim

    Where is Stephen Hawking?

    Rip :(
  3. Radim

    Antimatter To Go

    So guys, there soon will be "antimatter delivery service" (something like pizza delivery). :D Just joking, but check this: Article: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-02221-9 Fastinating world we live in, don't we? Any ideas for experiments you would do with your pizza... eh...
  4. Radim

    Reputation system: meaning & value

    Reputation system: meaning & value It was written here several times about meaning and value of the reputation on LPF. I would like to express my opinion about that. Just a few thoughts gained over the time I spent here. The purpose of this thread is to just look on reputation system from...
  5. Radim

    Review: 473 nm 100 mW Jet Lasers PL-E Pro „Sky Beauty“

    Review: 473 nm 100 mW Jet Lasers PL-E Pro „Sky Beauty“ After some time using this amazing laser I would like to do my first review here on LPF for you. I do not have LPM therefore I realized to do the review by my own way according to my use. You might find another reviews here where there...
  6. Radim

    Optotronics RPL-II 532 nm +1400 mW - opinions and experience?

    Dear fellow laserists, although I have two 532 nm lasers (one at 100 mW and one 800 mW), I'm amazed by a new Optotronics dilda. In deed I'm looking at their products for a several years now. I've also read propably all reviews on their RPL series here stating that their lasers are the best you...
  7. Radim

    473 nm high power portable recommendations?

    Dear fellow laserists, some of you might noticed, I love DPSS lasers and keeping my eye on awesome 473 nm wavelength even before I dreamed about 589 nm. My life way brought me to use lasers in my art and therefore I'm looking for a portable laser. For my purposes, which are evident from my...
  8. Radim

    Radim's laser painting

    Radim's Laserpainting Art, Complexity Philosophy and The Surreal World Radim's Laserpainting Art, Complexity Philosophy and The Surreal World "The darkness is my canvas..." First Book Download for Free: Latest Art (Link) Intro Welcome to this Art & more thread, Since it has been...
  9. Radim

    6thD laser company - does anybody have something from them?

    Hi guys, I have found this company on web long time ago, I have not found any reference on them on LPF. Do you know them? Any experience? What do you think? I'm curious about their portables. Check it out. Link to 6thD portable webpage The prices are extremely high as well as power of these...
  10. Radim

    Just saying hi and some of my experiences with WL Evo, dreaming about laser lab etc.

    Hello laser enthusiasts, I'm here for many years reader of LPF, but registed now to contribute to LPF finally and to become more active community member. This forum helped me a lot in terms of acquiring practical information earlier and definitely before I got my first high powered portable...