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  1. elbelle

    Lasers from LPF members

    Thanks to people that sold me those nice lasers for good prices ! Better than chinese scam !!
  2. elbelle

    Thanks to DJNY !

    I bought to him a 400mw green, he sent it very quickly in a solid package and provides me stats from laserpowermeter. He's a trustworthy person and I recommend him if he has other lasers for sale. DJNY, i'm so sorry to have bothered you with all my personnal messages lol, next time i'll be less...
  3. elbelle

    Another feedback about Blord

    Hi all, Bought 2.2W blue laser from Blord. So this is my feedback : 1. He gaves me power laser metter stats 2. He answered all my asks 3. Shipped the next days after ordered, received in 3 days (UE) 4. Seems a nice person I'll buy more lasers from him : )
  4. elbelle

    Laser Gadgets.com

    Hey, Any of you already bought something from this website : LASER GADGETS by Patrick Priebe Products seems very nice !
  5. elbelle

    dismantle my old laser

    Hello, I'd like to dismantle my old 1w blue laser, i dont care about the module i only want the host. I tried to pull the module with a clamp, tried to rotate the head of the laser with another clamp ... nothing worked, i think they used some glue to maintain the module but im not sure. Here...
  6. elbelle


    Hello ! Finaly, i introduce myself, im a french computer scientist of 27 years old. Elbelle is not my real username but in France its illegal to have laser (as in many country i guess)... So i have to be carefull ^_^ bth my name's Antoine and i live near Paris. I already have a blue laser of...
  7. elbelle

    What do you think of this one ?

    Hello ! Someone is trying to sell me a green laser which is apparently a 1000mw one The guy dont know where the laser come from but he sent me some pictures, he fixed the price at : 246.36 US Dollar Do you think its a scame ? Probably but what can be the real power ? :shhh:
  8. elbelle

    Help to make my laser

    [SIZE="2"]Hi ! I'd like to make a new green laser, never did it before so your help would be appreciated ! Corrct me if im wrong : Is that enough to make a laser ? TY !
  9. elbelle

    Help about green laser

    Hello, Im looking for a new handled green laser, i already own a blue one (1w) but i heard that green beam is much more glowy. So i looked on the topic "LASER Bible" and i found laserpointerpro.com website. Im very confuse about the price of green handled laser : 1000mW 532nm High-power Green...