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    diode and driver where to buy

    hello I would buy a diode laser and a 445nm 1w 1000mAh driver to achieve a laser power of 1 watt. on what website can I find it? or so are that a forum member is selling this? thanks
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    DIY laser 1w blue

    hello I would like created the laser in the video: YouTube - DIY: How To Build A 1W Burning Blue Laser Torch! but I do not know what component it is and where to buy Thank you for helping me
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    best laser 1w or more for 250USD?

    Hello everyone. I'm a fan of laser and coming back to you to ask what is the best laser 445nm blue 1w. or I has 250 usd what would be the best laser for me? a huge thank you to all who answer me
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    hello I need your advice

    Hello everyone I'm French and I speak my sentence translating with google translator. I want to buy a laser 200 mw green and I only have a budget of 130 euros. I'm tempted by this one: DealExtreme: $151.76 200mW Flashlight-Style Green Laser (18650 Battery Included) and the laser on this video...