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  1. ciscoyao715

    Rebuild a Wicked Lasers Arctic - Will Pay Top Dollar!

    I know this is a silly request but theres just something about the Wicked Lasers arctic housing that i really enjoy as well as the smart switch. Im having issues with it staying on in full power mode and figured it may be fun to pay a mad scientist to rip it apart and put in a nice 488nm or...
  2. ciscoyao715

    Back from 2014...man prices have changed

    I was somehow able to grab a Survival Lasers 2W 445nm with multiple batteries, and glasses for ....wait for it....ONLY 85$ User stated in perfect condition. Pic attached Think I'm going to do a little review for fun on this when it comes even though we all know Survival makes great units, I...
  3. ciscoyao715

    Crazy Deal on JETlasers 400+mw 532 PL-E PRO

    Have today a full Jetlasers PL-E Pro 400mw 532nm set up for sale. Averages at 532mW and peaks at 682mW!!!! Got it direct from Gray himself and I am the sole owner. Hate to do it but school books come first. =/ The set will include the PL-E 400mw laser(obviously) 4X 26650 Batteries, 1x 18650 +...
  4. ciscoyao715

    New Jetlasers Help =(

    So i got my PL-E Pro 532 400mw from Jetlasers impressive laserbee at 530mw average and a peak of 638mw, However it came with a defective AC unit and was missing the tailcap safety pin so it has yet to be turned on. =/ Any ideas what i could do for the safety pin? Also anyone know if walmart...
  5. ciscoyao715

    Old Arctic, In need of a Charger!

    So I have an old 1W Arctic laying around however no charger or batteries for it, just scooped it insanely cheap and it was tested on an LPM at 1.12W so I thought it was a good deal. Now can anyone point me in the right direction of a good charger and battery that is NOT coming from china?
  6. ciscoyao715

    Jetlasers Ordering Help/Invoice Needed?

    Trying to buy a Jetlaser but I cant get the oder to come through in the email form or w.e they use for their checkout system so is their anyway they can just send me a paypal invoice? Hoping Gary or someone see's this, im more than anxious to get my hands on one! Thanks for the help(:
  7. ciscoyao715

    Anyone know TravisHall81?

    Paid him on the 9th for his 638nm rifle. I sent him a few pms and even posted in his b.s.t thread, hes logged in but totally ignores everything i send his way, emails and pms. Any clue what i should do? I know its only been a few days but just red flags when all communication is cut right...
  8. ciscoyao715

    Hello from New England!

    Hey guys just wanted to say whats up sense i dont really know anyone around here, just getting back into lasers again and never really posted before so but plan to get involved in the laser community in one way or another! So ya, cheers and :thanks:
  9. ciscoyao715

    FS: yobresal 445nm ...155$ SHIPPED!

    I got a yobresal 445nm blue laser up for sale =] MINT CONDITION its got everything including batteries & charger and lense cap. About >30 mins of run time, can easily light candles and ignite certain paper Im asking for about 155$ shipped to your door, PM me for details !
  10. ciscoyao715

    Wtb. Red and/or violet

    I really want to buy a burning red or violet laser, for red im looking for at least 150mW and for violet im looking for at least 75mW. I they must be portable too. I know im new but some help here would be great, sense wicked just F**k'd me over =/