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  1. laserdreads

    1.5 watt violet mini

    https://ibb.co/p6qSkn9 This is, as he called it, the Violet Mini built for me by Thanhtung 😎 I've had it about a week now and I gotta say these violet Sharp diodes are pretty amazing! I don't know the exact output, but Tung told me he set the driver to 1000mA so I'm gonna guess it's doing over...
  2. laserdreads

    Looking for WL 405nm nano

    Anybody have the violet nano from wicked lasers that they'd be willing to part with?? Please let me know if you do & we'll discuss prices & all that ish 😁 Thanks guys!
  3. laserdreads

    My 589nm Aurora

    My 589nm Aurora series laser pointer from dragon lasers next to a 650nm Sanwu pocket in low power mode. I don't have a power meter but most of what I've seen from dragon lasers these babies clock in around 10mW and mine seems to be right there with em. At optimal temperature it produces a...
  4. laserdreads

    405nm GLP

    My first Class IIIa laser sold to me by the one and only Hap. I always wanted a legitimate GLP since I started the hobby and 405nm is my favorite wavelength so far that I've seen in person so I knew this deal was for me when I saw it. I was a little worried about it's quoted 6mW for I know how...
  5. laserdreads

    Styropyro needs to see this

    I found this image looking at lasers on AliExpress & some Chinese company is using his picture to advertise their lasers! Idk if he knows, cares, or would just find it interesting to know cuz I got a kick outta it. I'm sorry if this wasn't an appropriate section for this post!
  6. laserdreads

    Homemade lightsaber wanting to become a laser

    Here's some pics of a lightsaber I built with my grandpa over a decade ago: It's like the most basic construction; a regular green LED wired to a battery pack. At least I think. I'm not sure if these LEDs need to be powered by drivers like lasers or not. Or if the batteries directly...
  7. laserdreads

    Sanwu 1.6W 405nm?

    So i was looking on Sanwu and saw on the challenger (as well as other models) that there is a 405nm 1.6W option! I immediately came here and found no info on this ridiculously powerful Blu-ray burner. Anyone else know about these? I am too curious about how much the visibility will be!
  8. laserdreads

    OxLasers 500mW 405nm

    I found this on the OxLasers official store on AliExpress. It's like 54 bucks or something but if you buy with the app everything is usually 20% off so it was only $38. I'm pretty sure this isn't a highly reputable company but for $38 and the fact i felt i needed another high power 405nm i...
  9. laserdreads

    Slight overdrive on a generic pointer working so far...

    I bought this from lazerpoint.com a few years ago. It was labeled as 100mW and I liked the green shell instead of the standard black rubber grip these pointers usually come in. I spent almost thirty bucks and was pretty let down. I didn't know lasers then like I do now so laser scams weren't...
  10. laserdreads

    Multi power custom WL nano

    Here is a WL nano host with an M140 diode built for me by Justin F., a member on here :) it uses a top notch driver with slow start and supports two 10440 cells for it's full 2w output, one 10440 and one standard AAA battery for a 1w output, or a 10440 with a dummy cell for about 500mW. I like...
  11. laserdreads

    Sanwu Laser 304 405nm

    Sanwu has a section called Laser 304 and it's their version of the 303 models. I'm honestly not sure if they make them themselves or if they're ordered from a warehouse. Their pictures show one that actually says Sanwu on the laser but mine just has the typical Laser 303 on it. I felt a little...
  12. laserdreads

    16x BDR-209 build by Crazlaser

    I wanna start by saying i only used my flash in this picture cuz my camera is crappy and that was the best way to show off the purple anodized aluminum heat sink. Crazlaser built this in a C6 host with a 3-element lens and it's case negative with two button top 18350 cells to power it. As the...
  13. laserdreads

    E-Cig build

    I've seen a couple people do custom builds from e-cig batteries so i figured I'd offer what i have. I have 2 Aspire C.F. Sub Ohm batteries (one with an Aspire Atlantis Tank) and one iTaste MVP 2.0 and all 3 work. If anyone on here is interested I'd gladly trade them for a laser :) no cash wanted...
  14. laserdreads


    You guessed it! Wicked Lasers Krypton haha. I actually just wanted to give a big thank you to JLM for this bad boy. I've had it a couple months now & love it just as much as i did the day i got it. I do have an eBay greenie that's a tad stronger, but i know that's only because of the IR...
  15. laserdreads

    FT: Laserbtb PL 445nm 1600mW

    My one watt 405nm BDR diode custom build died and I'm thoroughly upset -___- I'm in a tight money pinch & loving lasers more than ever so this is a problem! All i really have willing to offer is a 1600mW 445nm PL from laserbtb. I still have the unused remote connector cable too. I'd love for...
  16. laserdreads

    Built in battery rechargeable pen

    My gf got me this off of eBay for my b-day this past October & i wanted to wait a month to make sure it didn't crap out before writing about it lolol. But it was only $15 and was a U.S. shipper so i got it in three days :D What's unique about it though is that it has a built in rechargeable...
  17. laserdreads

    Half watt 405nm handheld

    Just posted about my 532nm version of this host tonight so i figured I'd show my violet one too. Only difference is although this one is on eBay and aliexpress for around $50 i got mine from biglasers.com before i was hip to this laser game & paid a ridiculous $239.99 -___- it is a decent laser...
  18. laserdreads

    Half watt 532nm handheld

    I know 532nm DPSS lasers aren't priced as high as they use to be, but i still couldn't believe i got this for under $100 along with aluminum case, battery, charger, and 5 star caps. I found it on ebay but I've been seeing it on a few whole sale sites. As well as the same model in 405nm for...
  19. laserdreads

    WTB 405nm pen

    I'm looking for a 405nm pointer with a side button. Not a cheap ebay one either. I really don't want a nano, but I'd probably take an Elite or sonar; just as long as it's at least 100mW or higher. A custom build would be cool too in a laser66 host or a glp host, but if it's gonna be a custom...
  20. laserdreads

    473nm aurora pointers for $80???

    So i stumbled upon this gem earlier and i wanted to post it here because I've never started a group buy and I'm not even sure how legit this is. But apparently it's a 5mW 473mW for $80 but you have to buy ten of them. Here's the link! Blue Laser Pointer - China Laser Pointer, Laser Blue Pointer...