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    No longer for sale

    Hi all The time has come after much thinking for me to list my 589nm "Spartan" dragon laser 589 for sale. As you most likely already know these take a single 18650 battery and chuck out a gorgeous yellow/amber line of light. The (brief) story with this one is as follows:- I bought it from...
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    Tonight's lasering

    I decided, after dusting my camera off today, that it was about time I dusted off my lasers too. I didn't end up with much in the end but here's what I got: 532 and 589 over a lake The same again from high ground over the town - I had to grow big balls for this one as it is a residential area...
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    Why is no one talking about this? US pushing Russia/middle east towards war

    Every time I try to have a reasoned conversation with most people within my physical reach, particularly with regard to Russia, I get sighs and the raising of hands. But people need to research the facts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqD8lIdIMRo From a once left-leaning liberal ish/ centre...
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    Apple Watch / Wearable tech?

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    So my ping hit the floor ... post your worst

    My ping got terribad fast. My connection always seems to do this around midnight; that's if it doesn't drop altogether. I really want fibre.
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    Gave Facebook the boot - never felt better - anyone else?

    A little over two weeks ago I gave facebook the boot. I fully deleted (not just deactivated) my account, and much to my surprise, I haven't looked back. At first I was more or less pushed into it; after a hack attempt on various accounts I hold, facebook wanted me to prove my identity and...
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    selling lab 473 - sold

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    All sold

    All sold.
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    Selling lasers, handheld 445, lab 473, pen 593.5

    Hi guys, Well the hobby is still somewhat there for me but I am not as active and there are various wavelengths I just have not used much recently and I could do with the money, so the following objects are going for sale. Would prefer to sell to UK (or EU) members, and if I do the batteries...
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    Lamp (Light bulb) Photos

    One of my "other" hobbies is the collection and storage of a small amount of light bulbs or lamps. When they enter the collection I do my best to photograph them in an attractive or glamorous manner.. here are some of my best attempts. First up is a very old incandescent carbon filament lamp I...
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    Five Hundred and Eighty Nine blessings - Gismo

    I've been looking for a 589 now for some time and considered it the final building block that I wanted in a collection after acquiring 473. I advertised in the BST section and quite soon got a PM from Gismo (Mike) here who is reducing his collection, and offered to sell me his DragonLasers...
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    Reflections v2 - DPSS Paradise

    It's the first time I've managed to get a proper beamshot out of my 593.5 pen. The room was heavily incensed and I heated the body of the laser first on the top of my electric fire. It only lases yellow now when it's very warm and has to be hot to lase at full power - I think the alignment has...
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    Want to buy: 589nm laser, lab or portable

    This thread has now fulfilled its purpose as I've bought a 589 from a fellow member here. That's all folks! :wave:
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    473 and 532 battle it out Add some red and purple into the mix All DPSS All at once Purple blue and green These were all done with my new 35mm f/1.8, it's better quality than the other lens and a perfect focal length for a lot of what I do. 445 just spoils most of the pics with a blue...
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    some beams (including my new 473)

    I got a new toy from ionlaser555, a lab 473 with a fair amount of oomph. I powered it up tonight and laid out my other lasers and some mirrors and got some interesting results. I've been waiting for a new lens to arrive but since this setup worked so well tonight I decided to do some photos...
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    I saw he had a lab laser for sale, at a price I liked, in a colour that I liked and for once he was in the same country as me. I bought it, it got posted quickly and with some of the best packing I've ever seen, double boxed with pellets in between and everything. Since there's no rep system...
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    Skylaser 635nm 180+200mW

    has anyone used the 180mW or 200mW versions of the skylaser 635nm laser? I may be looking to purchase one only if they use the single mode diodes. My current 20mW 635 has a single mode diode and is by far the least divergent of all my lasers. It would make a good star pointer if only it was a...
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    Latest batch of pics

    Not on film this time... but I borrowed a decent camera and took some laser photos before giving it back. Start off with the basics... Adding a touch of frost A faint yellow... it wasn't behaving itself this time and was heating up very quickly, so time was very limited. Got the purple...
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    Youtube - is this acceptable quality

    Hi all, I recently discovered, to my delight that fraps runs rather well on my computer and allows me to record gameplay with no detrimental effect on performance. I've been wanting to record playthroughs of some of the games I enjoy for years, so I got right to it. I've started uploading...