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    Building My First 7w With NUBMM44 V2 need all help I can get!

    Hiya Freinds! So here starts my first high end build, please bare with me, all help is greatly appreciated, I do NOT want to screw this up. This is what I've pulled the trigger on so far. Ordering from DTR's Laser Shop I opted for the NUBMM-V2 450nm 7W Diode in the 20mm Copper Module Case with...
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    New to forum, used to be into He Ne lasers back in the day, now diodes are incredible!

    Hiya everyone a long time ago I built a Helium Neon 5mw laser in 7th grade. Cost over 500 dollars of my hard earned farm money(that was the early 90s). Well fast forward many years and I out of the blue searched for lasers on YouTube of course and was absolutely blown away by the power of modern...
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    Sanwu 7w 445 single mode and multi mode comparison tests?

    Hello guys, apologies hope this hasn't been covered elsewhere just spent an hour searching for similar posts. I found the Sanwu Striker 7w 445 nm reviews and meter tests showing 7.5watt actual outpit, very cool. Now I rescently ordered the single mode but they got back to me that one multimode...
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    He Ne i built in 7th grade. Still proud of it but diodes are just amazing.

    Hiya everyone. Way back in the early 90s I built a .5mw He Ne red laser in 7th grade. I ordered the tube (which cost 500usd and took me forever to save up for while working on a farm). The plans I had ordered from edmund scientific (used to be one bad ass catalogue) and then all the transistors...
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    Sanwu shipments delayed due to politics.

    Hiya guys I'm new here. I ordered a much sought after 7w 445 nm striker from sanwu lasers. That was on 8.14.19. I received an email after asking about the shipment two days ago, it is 8.27.19. They kindly replied that due to the political turmoil and protests in Hong Kong they had to suspend all...