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  1. ColdStl

    2" heatsink, 2x "C" host

    Looks like a microphone, I know. LOL The online metal place sent me the wrong order, and then let me keep it (a 2" diameter piece of Al). I wanted to make a custom host for it but I screwed that up.. I really need to learn how to thread on a lathe, the hand method is hard. Originally, I wanted...
  2. ColdStl

    100mW Blu-Ray Pointer

    I was talking to my flashlight supplier in China about their violet pointers. They offer a (2x AAA) 100mW focusable pointer for $24, and allegedly it is backed with a 6 month warranty. The problem is the shipping costs, $15 is as low as it gets for one unit. For 25 units ($69 shipping), the...
  3. ColdStl

    LR44 Labby Burner Fun Project

    I don't know if anyone has tried this yet... I got the idea from Kenom's teenie burnerhttp://laserpointerforums.com/f39/teenie-burners-120mw-red-laser-pointers-55-ship-22596.html?highlight=teenie+burner. It's quick, easy, and fun. It's a cool paper weight for the desk too. I call it "The Cube"...
  4. ColdStl

    MiniMag Mod, Version II

    After seeing the minimag mod on here that utilizes a lava drive, I wanted to see if a micro drive would fit as well. It does. There are other battery options as well. 2x AAA batteries work if used with a 3/8" I.D. clear tube (Lowes) that acts like a spacer. So a micro drive would work if...
  5. ColdStl

    Cheap Husky Greenie

    For those of you looking for a cheap host for a green module that is readily obtainable, I wanted to show you my Home Depot Husky (2pack for $6). It is the same host that Whatsupadrian was selling, and BobBoyce showed his copper heat sink mod on. I used the Husky host because I destroyed the pen...
  6. ColdStl

    Xbox Ring of Death

    I've heard stories in the past, but didn't think it would ever happen to me since I don't play very often. I just got done buying Halo3 and Halo Wars and was in the process of passing the final level on Halo3 when it happened....The Ring of Death.:yabbmad: Has anyone had this happen to them? I...
  7. ColdStl

    O-like, 405nm glass lens

    Hi All, Has anyone else bought one of these?http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=980 Mine arrived yesterday and I put it on a SF-AW210 diode that registered 247mW, with aixiz acrylic, on a laserbeeI. With the o-like glass, it registered 270mW. I was being a cheap-o and was hoping this lens...
  8. ColdStl

    MXDL 3W "AAA" Driver Question

    Hello, I picked up 2 of these LED flashlights off of ebay with the intension of using them as hosts with flexdrives and PHR803Ts. I wanted to test the included driver first, so I used a dead PHR803T and a 1ohm resistor as a test load. I attached my dmm, set to Volts, and got a reading of 4.98...