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  1. photonaholic

    Techhood are incompetent imbeciles, I cannot do business with.

    Anxiously wait for a week to get a DHL overnight from China, only to find my order messed up. :( 3.8mm diodes, 5.6mm hosts, missing driver boards.. I can't install 3.8mm diodes into 5.6mm hosts! and even if I could.. I paid for 3 drivers, got one. rant over.... Oh.. and I paid for brass hosts...
  2. photonaholic

    Diode press tool.... 12mm modules.

    Anyone have a faster way to press diodes into modules?? If I had a CNC I'd just make a jig. Using a socket and pliers works, but I'd like a fast way to mass install diodes. Thanks..
  3. photonaholic

    That oddball diode. (one off wavelengths)

    Ok, so recently I scored 5 diodes, all identical 505nm (harvested, so I don't know the manufacture) , they were all in 12mm hosts and all have identical drivers. all diodes are operating at 5.5 volts 90-95Ma draw each. but one diode lases very bluish green. the other 4 diodes lase identical...
  4. photonaholic

    The Re purpose thread

    Hopefully exchanging ideas we get can spark creativity in others. How many of you out there have torn apart an RC car to get the servo systems out? used a CPU heat sink to cool a laser? used a cell phone charger to power a laser? set your wife's cut crystal on a record player and shined a...
  5. photonaholic

    Some of my lasers

  6. photonaholic

    Returning after half a decade.

    If my not visiting the forum for 5 years has offended or angered anyone, I apologize. Hopefully there is some serious tech talk to be found...... Up front, I'm just too old to be interested in how many balloons a pointer can pop or how many matches one can light.. The physics and electronics...
  7. photonaholic

    Anyone ever work with the NECSEL 10 watt 520nm before??

    I'm seeing these 10 watt NECSEL heads, but no specs on powering them, has anyone here ever made a build with these 10 watt heads?? Thanks.
  8. photonaholic

    AT&T cell phone plan rip off

    Anyone else here use AT&T wireless? why does my "unlimited" $60 plan produce $200 phone bills?? Beware of AT&T wireless. they tell you one thing when you sign up, then grab you by the balls after. Just Google AT&T ripoff and see what folks are saying.
  9. photonaholic

    Mowing grass redneck style!

    It's that time of year again! Every spring we burn off 14 acres of grass, got 1/2 of it done today. (My clothes stink now) Last years burn.....
  10. photonaholic

    Get well wishes to Cooler7 (Kidney Surgery today)

    Folks that's rather serious for a 15 year old to have to go through.... Post your get well wishes or e-cards here.
  11. photonaholic

    The "Official" Tech_Junkie Vs. Electrofreak "Match" thread.

    Here you guys go, Your own special boxing ring. Fire away!!!!
  12. photonaholic

    when you're happy and you know it post it here.

    We have an aggression thread, how about a happy thread?? Every once in a while something positive has to happen to us right:yh: so this thread is for those special moments when life just seems right. Enjoy!
  13. photonaholic

    Having fun with frozen C02 (Dry Ice)

    Got bored so I tossed a block of dry ice into a pail of water and broke out the beamage. Put the greenie directly onto the block of dry ice, it sizzled like grease in a frying pan. Turned on the 650nm spiro and projected directly into the fog, most of the shots did not turn out...
  14. photonaholic

    Let out your agressions II

    Since the original thread got closed, we don't seem to have a place to vent our general aggressions anymore. Please for the sake of the forum, and in the name of peace, This thread is only to vent whatever it is pissing you off THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FLAMING MEMBERS!! In other words, if...
  15. photonaholic

    Photon's Photos (Picture Thread)

    Since it seems everyone is interested in my pictures, and it keeps derailing peoples laser threads, I felt it best to just start this one, and post my pictures here. One of my "other hobbies" is amateur photography, I say amateur because I have never been paid for a picture yet and I sometimes...
  16. photonaholic

    Got this spiro off ebay for $7 shipped!

    Of course I HAD to open it up.... First thing I plan to do is replace the <5mw 650nm module with my rayfoss 30mw green module. I contacted the manufacture and they no longer offer these, however I was told the retail was $100 when they did offer them. It makes all the usual patterns and it...
  17. photonaholic

    Ban BobH

    My first ever ban poll. This member is harassing people, he just got the aggression thread closed, condones drug use, defends junkies, and is nothing more than a troll looking for drama. Seems like every post made by BobH has derogatory remarks about other people, and he is "gunning" for...
  18. photonaholic

    Jake21/22 alex101 Jacob Lovern ripped me

    Just wanted to share my rant.... Little puke "hired me" to do some board work, then filed a paypal dispute and forced his money back out. Paypal is ruthless, they sided with him. "Don't know why I was kicked off the board, just give back my money" AFTER I went to radio shack and...
  19. photonaholic

    Anyone remember "Automan" ???

    A campy 1980's tv show about a holographic super hero cop. It ripped off "Tron" a bit, but was funny. Never saw a DVD set, probably never will.
  20. photonaholic

    cheap / free energy "conspiracy" is it real?

    After watching one of my all time favorite movies "Chain Reaction" (good thing DVD does not wear out) I though maybe I'd like to hear other peoples take on the "conspiracy" angle. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant and very renewable resources our planet has to offer us, separating water was...