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  1. ndrew2505

    modwerx inventory

    anyone interested in buying a LARGE lot of stuff contact me.. you can reach me by email much faster.. admin(at)modwerx.com i wont sell small items here and there.. dont waste my time emailing me to sell you a diode or 2.. id prefer to sell the whole lot in one transaction if possible. as always...
  2. ndrew2505

    modwerx is now closed

    I was gonna try to hang in until the end of June but I just can't see myself doing it anymore. I'm in debt for almost 2k$, owe another 4k$ for last years taxes and probably another 1-2k$ just for this year and all I hear is folks whining about prices. I would like to thank all of the excellent...
  3. ndrew2505

    getting rid of stuff..

    Delete thread
  4. ndrew2505

    modwerx will be closing 10% off everything in store

    just like the title says im shutting down the shop and until then everything in the shop is 10% off. no coupon codes should be needed and im not sure if any existing coupon codes will work in conjunction with the current sale prices. thanks for 3+ yrs of support. admin/moderators may...
  5. ndrew2505

    anodizing services now offered :D

    im now offering type II anodizing. i think the easiest way to do things would be to use this thread to get together groups of folks who want something anodized. i can do almost any color they make dye for (if i have the dye or it can be ordered). individual orders would be too expensive b/c of...
  6. ndrew2505

    current regulating 12v 0-3A

    anyone know of a cheap way to do this? i have a 12v ps that goes up to 2.5A and i need to control the current and not affect voltage.. as a reward for any help anyone that provides a good solution ill gladly anodize parts in any color i have(black red yellow blue or clear). feel free to ask...
  7. ndrew2505

    anodizing chemical disposal?

    anybody have any info on who to contact or what to do?
  8. ndrew2505

    how hungry are you?

    you wont be hungry for long... Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces - Yahoo! News :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  9. ndrew2505

    PHR-805 graphs

    ive asked cyparagon to graph these diodes so we know a bit more about them. hope this helps.. 2 diodes were tested ill see if he can post the details of his methods of testing. he also found that the PHR-805s are case negative unlike most 405nm diodes. the red diodes he mentions are the...
  10. ndrew2505

    LPC-826 graphs

    ive asked cyparagon to graph these diodes so we know a bit more about them. hope this helps.. 2 diodes were tested ill see if he can post the details of his methods of testing. the violet diodes he mentions are the PHR-805. you can find the graph for those here...
  11. ndrew2505

    FS: laser components, tools, accessories and more

    link: Modwerx Shop at modwerx we carry: -groove drivers -microboost drivers -flexdrives -lab style heatsinks -diodes(including 445, 405, 635, 650nm) -diode press tools -focusing modules(aixiz and others) -AR coated lenses for red and blue/blu diodes -several types of drivers including...
  12. ndrew2505

    20mw 635nm diodes for 17-20$?

    would anyone be interested in 20mw 635nm diodes for 17-20$? ive been communicating with a new suplier and may be carrying these in the shop soon if enough people are interested. edit: forgot to mention these are in a 5.6mm package ;)
  13. ndrew2505

    TECs from c4$10 projectors

    what is the current/voltage requirements for these? ive been searching the forum for a while now and cant find any info on them.
  14. ndrew2505

    60W 5v 12v -5v power supplies

    ive got 20 of these that were acquired from the sony plant closing here. could be used to power some components of a laser show or for an extra to keep around.. :) 23$ each with US shipping included. international shipping is priority or express only unless you want ups. priority is 15$ and...
  15. ndrew2505

    a few heatsinks for sale

    all sold
  16. ndrew2505

    good coating for a beam dump?

    what kind of coating would make for a good beam dump for a laser <5W? im thinking of trying to get some made as cheap as possible for hobbyists b/c the professional beam dumps are usually made for 50+W and cost anywhere from 150-500$ anodizing, powder coat, composite coating? whats your ideas?
  17. ndrew2505

    2.5" 1TB Seagate constellation HDD

    bought this about 2 weeks ago but was unable to use it in my laptop b/c of size restrictions. its a little thicker than most 2.5" drives. still in package it was received in. has NOT been formatted or hooked up in anyway. paid 211$ with shipping. will sell for 200$+shipping(~5$ in the usa)...
  18. ndrew2505

    Modwerx customer appreciation day Jan. 1, 2011

    On Jan. 1, 2011 we will be having a 15% off sale to say thanks to our customers for 3 years of support. All orders using the code must have a minimum order value of 25$ and does not discount shipping costs. Thanks again for going on 3 years of support from our great customers! If you...
  19. ndrew2505

    sellers beware: OLIVIER GAGNI

    avoid this buyer at all costs. he ordered from modwerx on nov 8 and i shipped his package on nov 9. after a week or two he sent me an email saying he hadnt received the package and i reasured him that it had been shipped. a few days later he enteres a paypal dispute and paypal awards him a...
  20. ndrew2505

    Black Friday 15% off @ Modwerx.com

    Just want to let you guys know that Modwerx is having a Black Friday sale to get ready for the holidays! Get 15% off every order of 20$ or more. The sale starts on 11/26 and ends 11/28. If you havent stopped by in a while we may have some new items you may not have seen yet so feel fee to visit...