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    FS: 2, FAP1200-M-80W Fiber Array Laser Modules

    I have two working FAP1200 Fiber Optic Laser Modules that will take around 60 amps@2v and produce 80W of infrared lasers light. The units are functioning, and will be shaped same day via USPS priority. Asking price is 80$ for one unit, or 150$ for the pair plus shipping. Offers heavily considered.
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    10600nm Laser for less than 200$?

    I'm looking around for a 10 watt minimum, 10600 laser, having the large box unit is ok as long as it has a handheld emitter, like those used with surgical lasers. If you guys know where I can find or make something like this lemme know!
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    PLPM4L 656

    The arrays I purchased are apparently red lasers. I don't know what else to say, you guys have any ideas ? They start at 7.2v and don't dim even at 2.5a..
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    OSRAM PLPM4L 656

    On eBay I recently purchased 22 of these chips for 300$. Does anyone know anything about them? They're all brand new and seem to be 20 diode chips. Was it worth it? Thanks John
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    Devices that use high power lasers.

    Hey, I was wondering, what consumer devices can we harvest lasers from? I recently pulled 24 2w diodes from a casio M250 projector and am working on a project with them, but I'm wondering, what else uses these diodes? There's gotta be some devices that use NUBM44'S and other high power lasers...
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    Chinese Laser Taking 5 Amp?

    I recently acquired a failed laser from a supposed 20W engraver, I took my bench and used it to directly power the diode and it worked, pulled amperage from very low voltage and had a bit of current draw fluctuation, but it worked. Nowhere near as powerful as my 1.5w purple, but it burnt wood a...
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    I recent purchased two of these modules and could find no information about them. The ends of the fibers were also snipped off which I found strange. Is there anything I should know about FAP units? Fiber lasers with snipped ends? 80W output lasers? I assume it will be a 2 volt laser, probably...
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    How to get unkown laser diode to operate

    Hi. I'm relatively new to lasers and have a few unknown diodes I'd like to test and figure out, they are 3 pin and I can't get one to fire with my lab bench. Any help is appreciated on how to get some light from one. Thanks!