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    a "laze-o meter" - laser exposure meter?

    so what about something that you wore like one of those badges you wear at nuclear sites and places where radiation can be a problem for lasers? a badge or whatever that measures the amount of laser light you have been exposed to - scattered or direct probably disposable or maybe reusable...
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    a plane for shining a laser at?

    well this is a strange one but I am sure many people want to do this I want to shine my laser at a plane just to see if I can see it hit the plane - I dont want to get in trouble or cause a crash so dont worry I wont do this - but it would be cool if there was a plane that would fly a mile up...
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    iWap IUC-23 20-1 charger

    so has anyone used this and do you know if it is good - iWap IUC-23 20-in-1 Universal Battery Charger Shopxtreme I need to get a battery charger for my laser I am building it uses the 18650's I was looking into one of the the charger that is at the bottom of this page where I am getting the...
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    durration of exposure with goggles/glasses

    these goggles say "Utilizing non-reflective technology, energy is absorbed for a minimum of 10 seconds at the maximum power density for the OD or L rating before loss of protection and will not photo-bleach or degrade over time." so 10 seconds min, but what about the maximum? shouldnt it say...
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    lasers in sci-fi movies and books

    so I read lots of sci-fi and watch movies also many of the books have large battles with laser weapons and such (Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained - Peter F. Hamilton) and some have lasers used to cut things but no where have I ever seen anything ever mentioned about people going blind from...
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    same products at different companies for way different prices

    so I was looking around because WL is either a scam now or they are really stupid and have no idea how to deal with customers, so I have been looking for a laser everywhere and what I find is strange like these lasers, I see what appears to be the same laser at 3 different places - 2 times...
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    help, stop sending me emails forums!

    so every single time I post here I get an email telling me that someone has responded to my post I have to unsubscribe to this every time, how do I get it to just not subscribe me in the first place - I never want emails like this and I have like 10 in my inbox already I have already looked in...
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    IR filtering - what wavelengths need it?

    so I assume that the red lasers dont need IR filtering because I think they are a solid state diode, or do I not know what I am talking about but I know that 532nm green lasers of high power should have an IR filter on them what other wavelengths need IR filtering? last question, this might...