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    WTB: green or red custom laser build

    Originally was looking to build a kit from Jayrob but just have too much on the plate :) i'm looking for anything from 100-250mw, red or green, preferably a small build, cr2's or something like that. budget is ~$110
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    Considering a DX laser for a special project

    hi all like the title says im considering getting a laser from DX to play around with, and i have a somewhat ingenious way to power it (at least i think so lol :D ) http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.10095 anyways, thats a 100mW laser that already has a driver and a very large finned...
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    using RC rechargeables???

    ok i have heard that the GB DIY red torches need at least 6V with daedals circuit (which i purchased from him directly, so that will be in perfect working order im sure) what i can tell from this battery is that A: it is 9.6 V so it is well above 6V but still below the maximum voltage B...
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    Re: HI-PLEASE HELP ME huh? you would buy a laser from a third world country? not the best of ideas... even IF you could find a laser there, it wont be what it says it is and it will not be sturdy at all
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    30$ for a 50mW laser? whats the catch?

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2390 so whats the catch here? is it gonna break in just a few days of use, or might it last with careful useage? also, are the 'true green' ones worth the extra cash? like more power or something?
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    broken or shorting out?

    hey untill i can raise the money for a driver from DDL and a diode from SenKat, i wonder, is my 5mW greenie really broken? one day, i needed the batteries from it, so i took them out and used them for awhile, then put them back in, and tada, it didnt work. i took it apart, but nothing seemed...
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    healing lasers???

    Laser Pointer Power Output 15 35 55 75 95 125 200-300 Laser "spot" visible IR Filter Technology 3 months warranty Laser beam visible w/ smoke or fog Laser Beam visible at night Laser Beam visible in lighted area Laser Range > 15 miles Make holes in...
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    buying one of DDL's circuits

    i have decided not exactly to just buy a modded flashlight, but instead have someone build ddl's circuit. (im assuming that it will run completely fine with a 150-160 mW diode....) as senKat advised me, i will be making this a labby so this circuit does not exactly have to be miniscule. ill...
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    need to learn about electronic components.

    ok since im getting into this whole building lasers thing i will need to know what the heck all those numbers mean. 1 what does an amp do and what do i need to know about them 2 what does a volt do and what do i need to know about them 3 what is the current compared to volts, or whatever any of...
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    im a noob, and i want a burner

    err, well, first off my name is matthew, so hi and id like to say im loving this forum so far. my questions are this. i have read ddl's DIY thread, and i actually have the same flashlight in one of those pictures (it was one with an RC heatsink, and it was the larger one on the bottom) im...