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    How Much Laser Power Gets Through Goggles

    Not worth risking your eyesight to save $10 or $20.
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    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    The search function doesn’t seem too great, what do you guys think. It hasn’t shown me any responses for inputs that have many on the previous site.
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    Why is this sanwulaser so cheap?

    They showed an under spec 303 for testing makes you wonder about their output. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vT1TdcST4oc
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    Why is this sanwulaser so cheap?

    We praise sanwu because for the most part they are trustworthy and manufacture high quality products. The only person profiting from advertising sanwu is the owner of this forum.
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    Sanwu RGB review

    Nice photos.
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    Laser Genetics NS300 Green Laser Sub-Zero Designator w/Scope Mount $49.99+$10s&h

    Re: Laser Genetics NS300 Green Laser Sub-Zero Designator w/Scope Mount $49.99+$10s&h Seems like the deal expired. The specifications seem to be confused as well.
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    New member from San Antonio

    Welcome to the forum :beer:
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    SanWu 1 watt 520 nm Multimode-18650 Protected-too long-resolution

    Glad that you found a fix for your challenger. Unfortunately all protected batteries I've encountered have been different lengths, as the protection circuit takes up some space in addition to the standard battery.
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    Looking for a host

    Check out survivallasers or get a custom build from lifetime17.
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    Laser glow in the dark clock

    Good job, it’s great to see that you followed through with the idea.
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    Indoor Galactic Scenery

    Very nie photos, you come up with some good wavelength combinations.
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    My Laser In The Classroom

    That’s great to do, just make sure it’s safe :beer:
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    PGL-III-C Rebuild 490 SOLD!

    Re: PGL-III-C Rebuild 490 Nice build and beautiful wavelength. Do you know if CNI will still sell empty hosts to the US for a reasonable price?
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    Which laser color is the brightest at night ?

    This calculator might be useful for you: Relative Laser Beam Brightness Calculator: (445nm 2000mw) vs. (532nm 198.51mw) You can see that 200mW of 532 green is equal to 2W of 445 blue. 532 or 520 are your best options. Sanwu and jetlasers have some high quality options. For $200 jetlasers will...
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing one of these from you. Nice job!
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    LPF Upgrade

    Nice to see you around. An update will be nice.
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    Sanwu RGB review

    Nice review, I’ve been looking forward to it. More beamshots please!
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    New Brass host 2 x 26650

    Nice work, it looks to be a high quality host. Did you machine it yourself?
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    Questions about diode and DPSS lasers

    Check this thread out on methods for the production of currently available wavelengths. https://laserpointerforums.com/f44/updated-wavelength-thread-103010.html