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  1. 405nanoMatt

    Who do I contact to purchase tickets to upcoming Delaware Lem in August 2021?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had contact info or site info on how I can purchase a Lem ticket for Delaware’s upcoming event in August.I have tried to sign up at photolexicon but cannot get past the reference and anti robot check to create an account.
  2. 405nanoMatt

    Selem 2021

    Hey guys I just saw somewhere that Selem 2021 was going to be in Newark Delaware is this true? If so this is great I happen to live in Newark and have wanted to attend one of these for a couple years.
  3. 405nanoMatt

    Pumping a dye laser with an MDP laser chip ?

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted to pump a dye laser with any of these multiple emitter high power chips such as the osram or the Nichia nubm38-31-36 ?
  4. 405nanoMatt

    Closeup of a Nubm31t laser die.

    More to come
  5. 405nanoMatt

    Lasers make you smarter.

    I just read something about Tdcs or low voltage neuroelectro stimulation and had a thought that maybe lasers do something similar.But even if this is proven incorrect I did have to learn a lot to be able to build a laser so it can still be considered a true statement.lol
  6. 405nanoMatt

    Mobile 74 w 455 nm laser!!

    Just playing around at work !
  7. 405nanoMatt

    The boys.

    Various 1w+ builds.More pictures to come.
  8. 405nanoMatt

    1+w 405nm 💀

    Brass /copper heat sink /module /2part epoxy /right angle flashlight
  9. 405nanoMatt

    Beamshots 1.6 w 405 1.3 w 520 4w 445 roughly.

    3 latest builds!
  10. 405nanoMatt

    Double dragon beamshots.

    445 4w 520 1w+
  11. 405nanoMatt

    520 nm 1w green dragon.

    Host is a streamlight pro tac 90.
  12. 405nanoMatt

    488 nm 60 mw laser pointer.

    Hello ! I just ordered this laser pointer from the epay .I will be sure to report back when it arrives .I know the heading says 1 mw .If you find the item and read further it states that it is actually 60 mw .
  13. 405nanoMatt

    Beamshots 532 nm nichia build

    At 100’
  14. 405nanoMatt

    1w 405nm pointer build.

    Made this from the UV flashlight that came with a glue kit.
  15. 405nanoMatt

    Can an LED light source be used to pump a laser ?

    Just wondering if anyone had ever heard of lasers that used an led light source to pump a dye or cavity?
  16. 405nanoMatt


    Blue and green Nichias.
  17. 405nanoMatt

    Green wolf

    A Frankenstein of a laser !
  18. 405nanoMatt

    Green laser flashlight mod

    I made this attachment with a green scarab from a bracelet I got at goodwill .The scarab is glued to a small circular neodymium magnet with a hole in the middle and just magnetically adheres to the end of my diode diffusing the light into a led like output.With the scarab in place the laser...
  19. 405nanoMatt

    Green goblin! 1w streamlight pro tac 90 build with brass skull.

    Just another 532 nm laser.It will light cigarettes also.
  20. 405nanoMatt

    405 nm stream light pro tac 90 build

    I have a skull for every color but yellow so far