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  1. thanhtung

    515nm ~15mW tiny 9 x 1.4cm

    my build with tiny host, run by 1 x 10440 battery duty cycle : limited pic shoot daylight: beam shot:
  2. thanhtung

    FS: bluray 900mW+ and ~1100mW+

    this is my new build with 3.8mm diode singlemode bluray, i have about 20pcs in my stock! - Power read on my LPM is 900mW and ~1100mW * 90usd: One use 1 x 10440 size battery (~1.1W) include G2 lens , Kdriver boost , dutycycle 20s On, 15s Off * 90usd other one use 2 x 16340 size...
  3. thanhtung

    Steel host 488nm ~150mW run by 1 x 10440 art pics ;)

    This one , i have done with steel host size 1 x 10440 battery! Im interested in is host! I feel it is really nice! These are pics shot by samsung Note8 Thanks for watching ;) Any questions or requests on my product pls pm to me !
  4. thanhtung

    FS : New Copper Module perfect for G8 lens

    the new copper Axizs are longer and work perfectly on G8, better on all other lens G2, G7, 2el, 3el... Diameter:11.98mm +- 0.01mm Length: 14.07mm+-0.01 (old Aixiz is 12.01mm and the new aixiz is longer 2mm) Thread M9x0.5 Price : 3.5usd/pc • 10 - 50pcs : 3 usd/pc • 51 - 150pcs : 2.5 usd/pc • 151...
  5. thanhtung

    488nm pocket mini 10440

    This is my build for a customer at usa! - It run by 1 x 10440 with my Kdriver boost - G2 lens - Output on my LPM ~150mW, i call it is 100mW Dutycycle: 90s on, 60s off
  6. thanhtung

    Test G2 & G8 lens from DTR, with Kdriver softstart green Laser

    Dear friends,these are my video test softstart with LPM from member @astralist - and here is result after 4.5 minutes Turn On my green with Kdriver buck Softstart - 2 x 18650 -3e1PdtriRs[/YT]']-3e1PdtriRs and here is G8 lens from DTR : 7jdX9uKj97E[/YT]']7jdX9uKj97E Thanks for watching
  7. thanhtung

    Auto Full 16 millions colour, RGB White laser handle DIY

    Dear this is my first RGB full colour! It use 2 x 18650 or 3 x 18650 I will send pics body after i complete it! - Can you pls tell to me what is the metal do you want to make its body? Copper (so good heatsink) :),brass? aluminium :) ( good) , titan, inox? ( so bad heatsink), gold ( best) , Ag...
  8. thanhtung

    green laser with my new host

    it uses Kdriver buck has softstart 2s 2 x 18650, include G8 or G2 lens -Xa8Fdz7raI
  9. thanhtung

    4.6W green laser handle made by me!

    Dear, i have just complete this green laser! I will call it is 4W green !! Is it a monster green ? tell me your feel, pls Maybe it is strongest green laser handle at this time! in the future... i don't know :D :D :D - 4 x NUGM03T, - 4 x G2 lens, - 4 x Kdriver softstart 2s aSMKBaaA_5s
  10. thanhtung

    ~17W, 15W and 12W blue laser handle with orange body!

    this is new my version i was built for a my customer! i use 3 x NUBM 44 but i set current 3.5A each, because it very hot - SKdriver x 3, G2 lens x 3, 6 x 18650 pls see video and some pics, and send to me a message for order similar one thanks! HMUOnaE-Sqg and here is blue 15W : Ac2exHamf5A...
  11. thanhtung

    FS : 1.4W green 525nm host by brass 1 x 18650

    dear this is my new build 1.4W green on today! It is 260usd 💡It is very compact because use only 1 x 18650(not include), driver boost, 1.4w with G2 lens (include) - Duty cyle: 2’ ON, 1’ OFF - Over heat protected pls see these its pics: here is beam of it :D here is power's pic: and...
  12. thanhtung

    FS : $60 - USHIO diode 635nm 1.2W

    OUT STOCK! :) I have just received 2 diodes today! One of them has been fit to axiz module they are size 9mm diode I suggest set current under 1.5A, 1 pc : $60 If you buy all both 2pcs : $115
  13. thanhtung

    FS: $140 - 4.3W 470nm blue laser

    SOLD OUT! Thanks very much! If anyone want to buy one of my lasers! Pls send to me a message! ————————— dear, i want to sell this my product with $140, 4.3W 470nm i have only one pc! - It has been used Nubm07E diode - Kdriver softstart 2s, Over heat protected - include G2 lens - Core main...
  14. thanhtung

    Blue Hulk 10w+ handle

    hi, this is my build whcih i have just completed today! i use nubm08 x2, include G2 lens , and SKdriver buck pls see the videos and pics: and here is beam of it: [/YT]
  15. thanhtung

    FS: $65 - Tiny red 638nm single mode 300mW

    dear , this is my 638nm laser, i really don't know diode's name ! and I have only this host for 638nm $65 - include G2 lens this pic without lens
  16. thanhtung

    FS : 1.4W green 525nm, blue 450nm, and some my builds!

    dear friends, today i have some good choices for you, I believe that you will fun and feel comfortable when received these items: #1. Green 1.4W 525nm include G2 lens ,It uses 2 x 18650 ; softstart 2s : $130 +shipping - Model has Not softstart (not include G2) : $100 + shipping #2...
  17. thanhtung

    FS : $120 C8 blue 2.2W+ PLTB450B 450nm

    I take shot these pics at 4.00 am! :) In this build, i used diode PLTB450B with current 1.8A+ from Kdriver buck softstart, softstart can be seen by your eyes. Power 2.2W+ Runtime : 4 minutes ON, 3 minutes OFF It use 2 x 16340 or 2 x 18350 Include G2 lens, not include batteries and charge...
  18. thanhtung

    FS: $80 violet 1000mW single mode BDR-209

    this is my violet laser with diode BDR209 - $80 - Kdriver boost - It use only 1 x 14500 - include G2 lens, not include battery and charge - power: 915mW at 3.95v, 1000mW+ at 4.2V
  19. thanhtung

    My combo 2 in 1 red laser and flashlight !

    These is my new mod red laser 200mW 660nm and flashlight slide body, violet 1077mw BDR209 3.8mm 405nm use Kdriver buck softstart 2s, blue 450nm 120mW And show beam of them in my dark room
  20. thanhtung

    Bigboy Skyray King blue laser 3w

    this is my built which i have just complete yesterday! It was used Kdriver boost with one 18650, or 4 x 18650 for longtime use :D , It ran perfectly here is video and pics of it! thanks :D