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  1. Ghostchrome

    150kW Lasers On Combat Planes

    Thought his was pretty cool. :) US Military to Install Laser Turrets on Combat Airplanes Pew pew!
  2. Ghostchrome

    Seasons greetings

    Ooooh! Santa Claus is coming tonight! :D Happy Holidays, everyone.
  3. Ghostchrome

    Bow Sight

    Probably not the best idea to be shooting fish... You're going to have problems with both reflection and refraction.
  4. Ghostchrome

    FS: GhostDrive2 Linear Drivers $6.99!

    I've gotten a lot of questions about these and haven't been selling them due to personal time constraints, but I'm back! I currently have a very limited supply of these in stock, so if you're in the market for a little linear laser driver pick one up while they last! :) Also, I won't be making...
  5. Ghostchrome

    Diodes specs and build compilation threads?

    Hey that's pretty cool. :)
  6. Ghostchrome

    Nicholas Cage!

  7. Ghostchrome

    The "SXB" Laser Driver 2.1A (Boost)

    Oooooh here and there. :D Actually I got a job that was pretty time intensive, long commute, etc, but all done with that now. I'm back! :beer:
  8. Ghostchrome

    Look at Mount Everest in extreme detail.

    lol right on. :D
  9. Ghostchrome

    Look at Mount Everest in extreme detail.

    That pic is awesome. I'm an armchair adventurer and wanna be mountain climber. I'm watching the series "Everest: Byond the Limit" right now on Netflix, and its awesome. Check it out if you get a chance. :)
  10. Ghostchrome

    DIY Space Flight.

    I love these guys! You can donate on their site. I've almost pulled the trigger a few times now. :)
  11. Ghostchrome

    The "SXB" Laser Driver 2.1A (Boost)

    Wow, looks great! Nice job. :)
  12. Ghostchrome

    Holiday Project: DRSSTC :D

    That thing is sweet! Well done
  13. Ghostchrome

    Nicholas Cage!

  14. Ghostchrome

    Holiday Project: DRSSTC :D

    Whoooaa! :D Looks sweet!
  15. Ghostchrome

    Best in ear headphones?

    I've had a pair of beat in-ear headphones for a couple of years now, and I'm very happy with them.
  16. Ghostchrome

    Higgs Boson Announcement!

    Pretty exciting to see new developments in physics. We'll have to see what they come up with as they keep going over the data. Now all we have to do is figure out gravity, dark matter, and dark energy and BOOSH! Flying cars! :D
  17. Ghostchrome

    Higgs Boson Announcement!

    They not gonna find the Higgs Boson ;)
  18. Ghostchrome

    AtMaDrive is here

    Re: AtMaBoost is here Looks good!