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  1. olympus mons

    473 dpss likes it cool

    So Now that we are in a beautiful new house finally with a giant back yard with 150 year old Doug fir's I have resumed my laser me time. I decided to try cooling down different wl and seeing what happens. 532's, although were able to run close to 8 min before I finally got bored and stopped but...
  2. olympus mons

    PL-E 600mW 532nm CLOSED $450, Evo 532,SOLD

    ]Black PL-E pro 600mW 532nm with Beam expander. In excellent condition no scratches or damage. Peaks over 700mW's and stays steady in the 600's Retails new with BE for $729 plus shipping. No longer for sale. $450 USD buyer pays shipped CONUS only. Must be a trusted LPF member and over the...
  3. olympus mons

    Q's for owners of PGL-III-C or M 473 nm

    Hey guys, So if those that own the PGL-III-C or M 473nm. The M is the Spartan host for those not familiar. Please could those owning these lasers answer a few questions that would be helpful. How is the stability on yours? What power is your and is it over spec? If so by how much? How much did...
  4. olympus mons

    Suprising mrad from O-like 532

    In another thread a new member was asking how good the divergence is on the Crown Upgrade 400mW 532nm costing just $180. To help the man out I looked up my first review I did on LPF of this laser which was my first handheld and I was pretty pleasantly surprised. Since at the time I didn't do the...
  5. olympus mons

    Calcite fluorescing with blue lasers question

    This inquiry has to do with Laserman121's fun little experiment found here. I'm hoping there are some rock/crystal hounds that can help me duplicate his results. Last night a borrowed a friends nice fat chunk of calcite and lased a 1W 445nm through it for about 5 seconds and then turned it and...
  6. olympus mons

    Please don't delete your sold items thread!

    Hey guy's, I noticed a few people on LPF tend to edit and erase the OP and title in their BST thread after it's been sold. I wish people wouldn't do this. Even if an item has sold there is still helpful and valuable information in there you are deleting. For example if I am buying or selling a...
  7. olympus mons


    I had a great evening getting to meet some LPF members and shoot some pics. I will add more photos to the OP after each day. The Argon gas laser through a prism.
  8. olympus mons

    new laser room pics.

    After a long day of moving I couldn't wait to get laser room set up. Its got a long way to go but far better than our other house. lasers through fiber optic lamp. These make some very interesting patterns. The videos look even better and remind me of the patterns made by Super Collider such...
  9. olympus mons

    WTB Spartan host or dead Laser

    If anyone can help me attain a Spartan host for a 462 mm 7675 diode with a custom made driver to safely push the wl into 470+nm. It has to be a spartan because I have bought a 2X beam ex for it and they have reasonably decent heat sinking abilities. 1.5W of 471 light with an 2 X BEAM expander on...
  10. olympus mons

    My new Brucemir decor

    I'm moving next week and in our new apartment I will have the second bedroom all to myself for laser photography and builds, drawing for work ext. I will be painting the room a dark gray and wanted some large canvas prints of Brucemirs work on the walls. Hopefully someday my own pics will be...
  11. olympus mons

    One year ago today...

    Today is my 1st laser-versairy as a member of LPF. Halloween 2014 I went to my Burning Man campmates party we have every year and with me was this laser I bought off of Ebay. It is 50mW 532nm and has a motorized diffraction feature as well as standard beam. Its really a cool little toy. I saw...
  12. olympus mons

    473,445,405 beam pics

    Got my Jetlaser's PLE 100mW 473nm DPSS Monday, such a beautiful color. Can't wait to have some free time to take some proper pics of my other new wl's. 561, 473, 589 together.
  13. olympus mons

    NWLEM, who will be attending from LPF?

    (Sorry if this topic is already a thread. I did a search and didn't find anything but you know how the search tool can be). I just reserved the time off work to attend and am very excited for my first LEM. TBH I'm not even sure what to expect but having recently had my first skype call with...
  14. olympus mons

    Samsung 18650's

    I have noticed Samsung 18650's are surprisingly affordable on places such as Ebay. I recently got one that came with a laser I purchased and put it on my Opus to test it out. Its a really nice cell. They only come in as high as 2100- 3000 mAh but lately I'm not as worried about getting 3400's. I...
  15. olympus mons

    olympus mons beam pic gallery. Pics added 11-04-15

    I have been trying to work on my beam pics. I'm no Brucemir but hope to keep improving so wanted to compile correctly sized collection of my best shots. I will continue to add more to the OP to keep the thread orderly. Tahnk's fpr looking! RGBY new pics 11-4-15
  16. olympus mons

    Just ordered my first 473nm DPSS from Jetlasers

    Hey guys, I am as giddy as a school boy right now having worked my ass off all summer 10-12 hour days my wife told me I should enjoy the fruits of hard work sooooo.... tonight I placed my order with Gray from Jetlasers. 100mW 473nmm, DPSS PLE pro in silver with beam expander and ac adaptor is on...
  17. olympus mons

    Have to change my user name here.

    Hey LPF, Due to a website I donate time and money to that was recently hacked and personal information was breached I need to change my name in LPF. I was told to make an announcement first to inform the community. My new user name will be olympus mons, as in the largest mountain in our solar...
  18. olympus mons

    free- starter kit, all sold.

    Hey guys, I have some extra parts and 2 -501B ultra fire host Im not going to use. I have plenty others to keep my more than busy this winter. So I want to gift these to someone interested in building. Preferably a young person looking to try building but not able to afford the stuff they need...
  19. olympus mons

    solder/diode issue

    Hey guys, well Im back it making trouble for myself again. Im trying to remove this diode from the driver so I can press it into a module for a build. The solder wouldnt heat up even though my iron was very hot so I tried a trick that worked for me in the past of putting a small blob of solder...
  20. olympus mons

    Tailcap may be the culprit?

    Ill try to be as efficient as possible explaining what is going on and what I need. Long story short this spring I got a PLE 800mW 532 repaired from Gray. When I received it and tried it out it was clearly not 800mW. Metered it and it averaged 350mW and never reached higher then 600mW for a...