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  1. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    In a shock to nobody my high mileage tube did not watch to fire last night. After warming 20 minutes it finally did but the output was severely degraded. At idle it output a whole 0.4mw according to the light meter on the controller. Ramping up to my usual 5.5A then 7A for a maintenance burn...
  2. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    You're right about how robust these small argon lasers are as long as they're healthy. In all the years I've had my bigger one I can count the number of times it hasn't fired on the first pulse on one hand. I do have to admit I missed how amazing that laser is at full blast putting out 120mw of...
  3. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    So it may have been a year *cough* or three :oops: *cough* since I know for sure I last fired up the argon twins. Much to my shock my rectangular head, as usual, fired on the first pulse. Guess I shouldn't be too shocked because i don't think it's ever taken more then three or four pulses to...
  4. LtKernelPanic

    Krypton Argon Ion Laser

    Wow! An Ar-Kr white light laser is on my personal bucket list. Amazing pics!
  5. LtKernelPanic

    Checking up on DTR

    Sad to hear that. I've been in lurk mode around here lately but I was just looking at his shop a few minutes ago since I've been getting the itch to build a laser for the first time in years. If he's still shipping things I'll probable be ordering the diode from him in the near future.
  6. LtKernelPanic

    It's 2020... Can We Safely Store our Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries in Our Lasers Yet?

    I leave mine in my lasers all the time. Every few months I'll meter them and recharge as needed.
  7. LtKernelPanic

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    This popped up in my ebay watch list. No PSU and it's TEM01 instead of 00 but it's a decent price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113727404273
  8. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Been way too long since either of mine have had a workout. I suspect my rectangular head will fire up easily but my cylindrical head will probably not fire at all or will be a class-1 %&%$ if it even fires. Need to run them sometime soon.
  9. LtKernelPanic

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    Yeah. IIRC it wasn't a traditional GB but there was a special coupon code or something that gave us a decent deal. It does have the DB-25 ILDA (and DMX) connector on the back. I even made an adapter to defeat the dagnabbed internlock on it.
  10. LtKernelPanic

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    Glad I saw this thread got bumped. I still have my sound card based DAC that I got from PL but getting it to work was always a bit tricky. What's the software of choice to use with it? I'd like something Mac based but I can dust off my old windows box if need be. I do have a copy of that pasta...
  11. LtKernelPanic

    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Holy crap I go away from the forums for a couple months and come back to this?! :drool: I need to go away more often it seems! :D Wow. I'll be picking one of these up soon from DTR's shop. I swear I saw him mention it somewhere in the thread but I assume the flexdrives are preset at a...
  12. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    I knew I was forgetting something the other day...
  13. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    *looks at the date of the last maintenance burn* *looks at today's date* DOH!
  14. LtKernelPanic

    ten frequency rainbow 2/17/18

    Holy crap man. Someday I'll have the room to get all my laser stuff setup again and attempt to take photos a tenth that good.
  15. LtKernelPanic

    CNI MGL-H-50 593.5nm 50mW

    Awesome! I'd really like to get a 593.5 to go along with my CNI 589 and my 594.1 HeNe tubes.
  16. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Finally got a new fan for my rectangular head and fired up tonight. Not shockingly even after sitting in storage for seven months it fired on the first pulse. May need fabricobble an adapter so I can use the blower from from cylindrical head since this one might not be moving enough air.
  17. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Awesome shot with the galvos. I have a set I ordered in a GB here years ago for a planned DYI projector that I've never even used. I should dig them out and figure out how to hook them up and use them with my argons. Sadly I've neglected my argons for months since for most of June, July, and...
  18. LtKernelPanic

    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Man every time I check this thread makes me want one of each of those diodes more and more. Of course it's been so long since I've built a laser I dunno what drivers and hosts are available anymore. :crackup:
  19. LtKernelPanic

    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    Pretty sad that whoever got the package either didn't just bring it to you or give it back to the mail carrier as a misdelivery.
  20. LtKernelPanic

    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    480+ would have been nice but if more become available even at the 473-6 range I'd be very interested in one or two depending on price.