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  1. alf638

    yep, received it a couple of days ago, and all is well. I'd forgotten how much I loved the green...

    yep, received it a couple of days ago, and all is well. I'd forgotten how much I loved the green colour!
  2. alf638

    GIVEAWAY-Mtype M140 Laser Diode

    I might enter too if you don't mind, I'd be happy to arrange shipping to Australia if I win!
  3. alf638

    really invisible laser

    Invisible beams will definitely be the most dangerous, as I said, they won't activate the blink reflex, so you won't naturally blink and minimise exposure, the first indication you'll get that somethings gone wrong is when you start to lose vision in the areas of your eye the beam is hitting...
  4. alf638

    really invisible laser

    Firstly, lasers of ANY wavelength/colour can potentially cause eye damage if their power exceeds 5mW, and wavelengths less than 400nm or greater than 1200nm WILL still damage eyes. In the case of wavelengths less than 400nm the damage will be considerably greater than that from a visible...
  5. alf638

    LaserComponents Australia Update 7/7/16

    Re: LaserComponents Australia (New Aussie Laser store) Brilliant, I know I will!
  6. alf638

    LaserComponents Australia Update 7/7/16

    Re: LaserComponents Australia (New Aussie Laser store) Looking good! I just couldn't help myself and grabbed one of the 100mW 532nm modules from your site, loving the free shipping.
  7. alf638

    Quick Hene Question

    Alright, thank you! I tried reversing the diodes (the capacitors aren't polarised), and as you predicted, I got the bright output with the metal can electrode connected to the centre tap. So, would I be correct in saying that with the diodes in their original polarity I was effectively passing...
  8. alf638

    Quick Hene Question

    Hi guys, I recently got my first HeNe and have just finished building a power supply based on the following schematic (from The Professor's Homebuilt Laser Page) I know its not the most efficient power supply, and it's definitely not going to be permanent, but I happened to have all the...
  9. alf638

    WTB: Bare Tube HeNe 1-5mW, in Australia

    So I've been away from the laser hobby for quite a few years but have recently become pretty interested again since studying physics at University. I've been shopping around for a bare tube HeNe for a while now, and the best deal I can find is $97.50 for a 5mW tube plus $50 shipping to...
  10. alf638

    LPM dedicated forum section?

    Perhaps we could ban ads in the section and use it just as himnl9 said for plans and such.
  11. alf638

    green laser artifacts

    Another happy laserist and another rep for eudamonium. EDIT: Or not, I need to spread some rep around first...
  12. alf638

    SOLD: 1.2W Blue Hotlights ($110)

    Re: FS: Bunch of Lasers - 1.5W Shiny Silver Guidesman & 1.3W Blue Hotlights Whoa these are cheap. To bad I just finished my own or I would probably take the lot! Imagine what we all would have said a few years back nif offered a 1.3W laser for $115!
  13. alf638

    LPM dedicated forum section?

    Exactly what I think :)
  14. alf638

    LPM dedicated forum section?

    It's just that the ratio so far is very in favour of one.
  15. alf638

    IR radiation and lasers

    From the green yes, (if they are of decent quality). The IR would get through but would PROBABLY (I make no guarantees), be of safe levels. But still don't do it;).
  16. alf638

    Ideal Current for Laser

    Don't do the 808nm first, it is much more dangerous as it is invisible. I recomend starting with the 150mW 650.
  17. alf638

    Anyone here own a mill, lathe, and a tap

    Aren't we all? ;)
  18. alf638

    LPM dedicated forum section?

    Good idea, and only three no's so far. THis might actually go somewhere...
  19. alf638

    I will be gone for a while...

    I care :cryyy::cryyy::cryyy: ;)
  20. alf638

    Is this worth it?

    So true. There is always at least two or three 1mW hene's for at least $800 on ebay ;)