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  1. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    Awesome! Thanks. You're the best!!! +1 rep
  2. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    You did help and your English is a million times better than my Japanese :) Thank you!
  3. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    Thanks ZR. I appreciate your help. Makes sense what your friend is saying... I never realized Chinese and Japanese were so similar and so complex. His Chinese translation seems close to some of the symbols I was finding. I think I came up with temple as the last symbol. I was hoping for a...
  4. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    Thank you. Any help is appreciated. I updated the first post. I found an ipad app that was able to match three similar images. Not sure if they are correct translations, but seem to match Japanese characters. Here is a picture of the cup. What do you think Chinese or Japanese?
  5. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    Re: Translation needed I was thinking it was Chinese, but I guess it could be Japanese. I'm still downloading apps and trying. Thanks for your attempts. Have a great week!
  6. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    Re: Translation needed Thanks. I have an iPhone and there are a couple apps that claim to do photo translate, but they don't seem to find any match for the symbols.
  7. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    I know this is completely off topic, but I was given an old porcelain cup and saucer and wanted to do some research and see what I could find out about it. There is some writing on the bottom of both pieces and I am wondering if someone can please assist with a translation? After some...
  8. ENX

    Salutations from South Florida

    I'm on the East Coast in Palm Beach County.
  9. ENX

    Salutations from South Florida

    Welcome and greetings from another South Florida resident.
  10. ENX

    Looking for charger...

    I just got an i4 which is a really nice charger and works well... Now I wish I would have waited and got one of these. If someone gets on, I would be interested in hearing a review. Have a great week!
  11. ENX

    Vote for wife in modeling contest

    Between work, home, iPhone, and ipad, she is now 4 votes closer :)
  12. ENX

    [ALL SHIPPED!!!] GB: 9$ O-like's "G2" Lenses CLOSED!!!

    Re: GB FEELER: O-Like "G2" Lenses Thanks for doing this group buy! Please put me in for 8.
  13. ENX

    Hmmm...if I had $400 to blow...

    That would be a great host for a 4 X 1W 520nm build :). Anybody have $3500 laying around for a quick project? Crazy, but cool!
  14. ENX

    My first "real" laser.

    Very nice! Looks like you did a great job on the mill work. Now you need to make an equally impressive focus knob :) I would love to have a lathe.
  15. ENX

    Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **

    Wow! Sorry to hear about your accident. No matter how careful you are things happen. The E2s are nice hosts. I tried to use one of the X drives with the button for my chrome build and ended up blowing my M140. Just build a custom button and used a 9mm. Hope you have a good weekend and...
  16. ENX

    Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **

    I try to be careful and not push the limits of my lasers. For this one my max is about 30 seconds so far. The whole case is all aluminum and is tight with the aluminum and copper module. Heat disperses pretty fast into the whole pen, but it does get a little warm. Which pen host did you use...
  17. ENX

    Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **

    OK, Christmas vacation is over and I'm getting back into building some more lasers. I love these new Defiant hosts. They seem to be easily adaptable to any type of build. Since I stocked up on these hosts, I decided to build out a few. I have added a PHR 805T 405nm, 60mw 532nm, and a 1.7W...
  18. ENX

    Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **

    Happy Holidays LPF, I hope I am the first to bring this host to the table… I was out shopping earlier this week and like most of us, I am always on the lookout for new and/or different items to make into laser hosts. Some of the best places to look are your local hardware stores and at...
  19. ENX

    FORUM GAME: The Neverending story of LPF

    forum as spare parts
  20. ENX

    Aluminum 445 Phaser Box

    Thanks all for the comments! @Distillate - I never really looked at the thermal properties of JB Weld. After seeing your comment, I found that surprisingly it's not great. I ordered some Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive for my next build. Thanks for the advice. @Billiam - I was planning to...