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  1. Jirkas99

    NUBM31T 95W 455nm

    Hi, Found this on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nichia-NUBM31T-455nm-95W-High-Power-Multiple-Laser-Diode-Chip-Package/173962238656?hash=item2880f51ac0:g:~LsAAOSw3zldKEwU Ofcourse the price is a little problem. What do you think? Didn't looked in datasheet but imagine this in a host :eek:.(It...
  2. Jirkas99

    Invisible"ink" on white paper with 1W 405nm

    While I played with my BDR-209 build I noticed something interesting. When you try to burn a paper with a bit unfocused dot and stop before it turns black it creates burn mark that can't be seen in normal light but can be seen in uv light so you can use it to write like with invisible ink pen...
  3. Jirkas99

    BDR-209 SL S4 build(pic heavy)

    So after my first BDR diode that went LED I ordered another one from DTR.I ordered it in 12mm copper module with nano driver set at 620mA.My last build with this diode was with survival laser driver set at 530mA it lasted two months. (my first build with BDR-209 in winter) So I decided to go...
  4. Jirkas99

    Hi from Czech republic

    Hello, After a long time I finally decided to introduce myself. My interests are electronics travelling and ofcourse lasers. I'am from Czech republic and I've been interested in lasers since I was kid. My first pointers were red ~5mWs.I remember that I tried to stuff them with more batteries...