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  1. Kookapeli

    490 blue beauty

    Another great host by rich, love this colour 490nm ~55mw Blue rainbow to come ☆edited☆
  2. Kookapeli

    New build

    This is my first build in a few years, it's a BDR-209 from DTR, Heatsink from lifetime17
  3. Kookapeli


    I ordered a heatsink off lifetime17 a few weeks ago for a structure tr-801 and ordered the host to be sent to his house After a week waiting for it to arrive I was disappointed to see the host was not shipped, I contacted Rich right away and said this was due to crossed wires He said he would...
  4. Kookapeli

    Pinout m101u29

    What is the pinout on this ? And is it case negative/posative/neutral ? Thanks
  5. Kookapeli

    So who's selling drivers now

    DTR and Astralist seem to be quiet I'm looking for a linear driver for a 660nm mitzi output 350mw
  6. Kookapeli

    New look

    Loving the new look !! Looks awesome
  7. Kookapeli

    What's new

    Who are the sellers of drivers nowadays, after one for a Mitsubishi ML101U29-25 and how far can you push it safely ?
  8. Kookapeli

    Looking for a host

    I've not been here for a while and nt built one for a while either, just wnted a cheap simple host that I've used before but can't seem to source one, can anyone help ??
  9. Kookapeli

    Under car lighting

    Has anyone used them fluorescent strips that go under your car for anything else ?? and what battery supply did they use, I want to pimp my wheelchair with one and needs 12V to run it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. THIS is what I bought
  10. Kookapeli

    Cree Q5 445 build (Pic Heavy)

    Ok so here goes.. I attempted to build one of these a few years ago in a Tr-801 host but killed a driver & 2 diodes in the process. Life got in the way for a year or so, so I decided to try again. The host is a Cree Q5 from DX HERE Here are a few "Before" pics The Heatsink was from...
  11. Kookapeli


    Ive noticed that ads have started to appear in threads, words are underlined in blue, has this site been compromised ??? *edit* My bad, desktop full of adware forgot to install spybot on fresh install :(
  12. Kookapeli

    Planes overhead

    I live in a flat under a flight path with a plane going over every 15 mins. The planes go directly in front of the flat, do you think I would be ok to use my lasers shining it parallel to the ground in the back or would that cause problems ??
  13. Kookapeli

    UK Flight case

    For anyone in the UK looking for somewhere to store their lasers I just come accross THESE I've just bought one today so can't say what they are like, but for £20 you can't go wrong
  14. Kookapeli

    Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey

    If you are easily offended this isn't for you, contains explicit and sexual references. Very Funny tho :D
  15. Kookapeli

    Where to buy Drivers from Now ???

    Looking for either the X-Drive, E-Drive or the Ghost drive. Anyone know who stocks them ???
  16. Kookapeli

    What do you drink ??

    Tonight I'm drinking some real ales, normally I'm a red wine drinker and enjoy a Cab Sav. I tend to only drink New world wines such as South African, Australian, Chillean and Californian. My other vice are single malts, my favourite being Dalwhinnie. So what do my fellow lazerists drink ...
  17. Kookapeli

    Find Soldering difficult ??

    If you bought a cheap soldering Iron, the chances are that the tip is crappy. I bought a new 40W Iron for about $18 and right out of the box I was finding it difficult to solder, I was continuously cleaning the tip as it was oxidizing more than usual so I decided to get a tip of Fleabay, only...
  18. Kookapeli

    How do you store your lasers ?

    Just wondering what everyone uses to store their lasers ??? I just have mine on my worktop bench. Was thinking of getting a couple of these High Quality Small Tattoo Kits Case - USD $ 14.99
  19. Kookapeli

    *Price Drop* 405 PHR-803T Gidesman *SOLD*

    This is in an original Guidesman Host, selling due to needing funds for bigger better lasers :D This was my second build and has had short duty cycles and still has a lot of life in it. It does all the usual tricks, burns matches, pops balloons etc and comes with a 3 element glass lens. All...
  20. Kookapeli

    Thieving Maltese Barstewards

    Well I sent a laser to my brother in Malta, a ~120mW 650nm in a Guidsman Host I sent it 2 weeks ago and it's still not arrived :( I sent a fathers day card 3 days later and that has arrived. There was no Identifying marks on the package, except for fragile stickers I bent the pins back on the...