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  1. LtKernelPanic

    Replacement fan for JDSU Argon

    Hey all just a quick question. I noticed while giving my argons a run the fan on my rectangular JDSU head wasn't moving as much air as it used to. Unfortunately there's no CFM rating on the fan and the manual doesn't seem to say either. Any ideas on what CFM I should get? I assume the more the...
  2. LtKernelPanic

    Argon fun

    Fired up both my argons the other night for one last burn before they went back into storage for awhile and decided to snap a few pics while I had my camera out. All four shots were taken from pretty much the same spot but with different camera settings. The last one is out of focus but captured...
  3. LtKernelPanic

    Head arrived - now up and lasing!

    I've got two quick questions for owners of a JDSU cylindrical head. I picked up a 2212-10MLMA cylindrical head for cheap and am wondering what the diameter of the head is so I can get the appropriate ducting and a exhaust fan/blower to match it. I looked at just about every argon thread here...
  4. LtKernelPanic

    Latest addition to my HeNe collection

    Last Friday after work as I turned the corner onto our street I see the mail lady about a block down the street from us and think "Sweet! My HeNe is here." only to find the dreaded "We tried to deliver a package..." notice in my mailbox. *grumble* As I turn to go back to the house I see her...
  5. LtKernelPanic

    OEM Laser Systems is gone

    Looks like we've lost another great company. I just went to their site to get a link for some goggles and saw this: "As of 30 September, 2013, OEM Laser Systems, Inc. is out of business. We are working with an organization that is interested in carrying on the line and fulfilling any...
  6. LtKernelPanic

    Proper wiring for DIY 9v Ophir power supply?

    Since the ARG meter will be unavailable for the foreseeable near future and the new Delta line is out of my price range right now I've decided to go with the two 9v batteries and my DMM method until I can either get the funds for one or I get something else with data logging. If I'm looking at...
  7. LtKernelPanic

    Lasers in the Night. [20pics]

    Last night I decided to have some fun and do something I've wanted to do for a long time and took a bunch of my lasers outside to photograph. Hauling everything out, setting up a couple stable display areas, providing power for the ones that needed it, and setting up my camera gear took a lot...
  8. LtKernelPanic

    JetLasers 473nm PL-E Pro [Pics]

    Greetings! I thought for my 1,000th post I'd do a fairly detailed review of the newest addition to my laser harem; a 473nm PL-E Pro from Jetlasers. I'm going to go from pre-purchase up to my first impressions of the laser. I'll do some divergence calculations one I get my digital calipers next...
  9. LtKernelPanic

    CNI GLP-589 issues

    Last night I was going to take some pics of my 589 CNI GLP and my 594 HeNe together and the 589 stopped working. As always I warmed the module end up by holding it in my hand for a minute or so (this laser never like to lase at ambient room temp) and it fired right up. I turned it off, unscrewed...
  10. LtKernelPanic

    Remember to exercise those argons!

    Well last weekend was the first weekend of the month which means it's time give the old argon its monthly workout. Unfortunately I didn't have time to actually do it until tonight so I thought I'd post a reminder for all the argon owners to fire them up and give them some love.
  11. LtKernelPanic

    How not to ruin LPM's sensor with a 405-g2 lens?

    I feel stupid for asking this but is there a trick to LPMing a laser when using a 405-G2 lens? I bought one from DTR for an upcoming build but was curious to see what kind of improvement it would give me on my ~710mw 445 but here's what I'm running into. Before LPMing any high power laser I...
  12. LtKernelPanic

    So I went to the eye doctor today or the importance of good laser safety glasses

    Ok first of all I apologize for the misleading thread title. It was just a routine normal eye exam but I was honestly a bit nervous when she looked into my eyes even though I've never taken a direct hit. I asked her everything looked normal and she replied something along the lines of "just...
  13. LtKernelPanic

    Trouble firing up my new HeNe tube

    I picked up this little 6" HeNe tube off flebay last weekend and am having problems getting it fired up. I tried both my red HeNe PSUs but I haven't even got a flicker from it. If I did things correctly the cathode is can end of the tube and the anode being the clear end. The only ting I can...
  14. LtKernelPanic

    Nice 6" HeNe tubes on fleabay

    Just picked up one of these little bare red HeNe tubes. They look brand new or close to it. There are still two available. He also has a couple uniphase tubes but they don't show nearly as much plasma. Melles Griot He-Ne Gas Laser Tube | eBay
  15. LtKernelPanic

    Rechargeable LiIon for a CNI GLP-589?

    I bought a GLP-589 in the CNI GB #12 and I love the thing except for the fact that it sucks down primary CR2 batteries fairly fast. I can't find any documentation on the max power input for the driver. I know a full 3.6v will fry it but does anyone know if a fully charged 3v (~3.6v) will be ok...
  16. LtKernelPanic

    Two 20mw 635 diodes; 9mw total output

    Ok I'm annoyed here. I've purchased two 20mw 635nm diodes and between the two of them I've managed to get a total of 9me out of them. According to the data sheet at 70ma I should be getting 20ma. My latest diode from modwerx maxes at 4-5mw. I'm finding it hard to believe that I got two bad...
  17. LtKernelPanic

    Videoing laser (specifically beam) shows?

    Ok so I bought one of those Reke 500RGB projectors from DD and I have to say for a cheap projector it's pretty damned nice. Getting video of graphics is easy but I'm not sure about how to capture beam shows. This PJ isn't the the most powerful beast with a theoretical max power of 560mw which is...
  18. LtKernelPanic

    Multiline argon goodness (many pics) (updated 8/14)

    A little background first... Towards the end of June I came down with a bad case of laserus needas anotheritis and decided the best way to cure it was with one of the nice multiline argon lasers that daguin was selling. I know I'm preaching to the choir but daguin was great to deal with. Even...
  19. LtKernelPanic

    What to split the beam of a ML Argon with?

    Topic pretty much says it all. I bought a nice glass equilateral prism but it doesn't split the beam unless I had it orientated wrong. I'd like to be able to do something like in the pics in these threads: http://laserpointerforums.com/f48/ml-argon-w-coherent-optic-50686.html...
  20. LtKernelPanic

    I shall name it Phoenix -or- It lives! (was: My Argon just went bang... )

    I don't know whether laugh, cry, or hurl. Yesterday I got the Argon head I bought from daguin and today the PSU arrived. Hooked everything up and it worked beautifully for the 45 minutes I ran it - mostly at idle although i couldn't resist going up to the full 10A for 30 seconds or so to see...