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  1. 18LJ

    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    Ya i didnt anticipate anyone would be able to pull this off without access to some legit lab equip. i just thought maybe it would be helpful/ give ideas maybe cuz ur the first person ive seen in awhile try and pull of a temp wl shift. Plus its 2021 & about damn time we start seeing some orange...
  2. 18LJ

    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    Ok heres a link to someone else thats done it before not sure if u have access to the same equipment but maybe u can find some of the info helpful. They brought emission down to 611nm from 638 just by cooling with liq. Nitrogen, when inside the pressure chamber vessel they got it all the way...
  3. 18LJ

    Building a orange (613nm) Laser from scratch with off-the-shelf parts (and for cheap!)

    I posted a link about a year ago of someone who pulled this off. Not only does cooling off the diode shift the color but apparently putting it under immense pressure can shift a 638nm all the way into the yellow. (If i remember right it was like triple the pressure inside the barrel of a rifle...
  4. 18LJ

    A visible laser beam from household chemicals! No laser diodes! No specialized parts. No kidding!

    That sir is the most ghetto fabulous build ive seen in ages i absolutely f#&!n love it! Although its still fairly early on im reserving my laser of the year vote for this. Does flouresciene (sp?) have more than a single line? Perhaps u could try a different dye and a grating/polarizer to see if...
  5. 18LJ

    Help Understanding TV LD Package

    Yah i really wanted one too its a shame mitsubishi kinda shit on their customers esp for 3k$ tv. I know they discontinued the laser tv after releasing a 75 inch model i think? And there were plans for 4k and a 85 inch but they decided to abandon the tv platfotm and go with projectors instead. U...
  6. 18LJ

    Help Understanding TV LD Package

    U won't find one I've been searching for one of these for years. Every now and then I'll find one on. Craigslist or see someone selling the laser engine on ebay but always for too much money and these tvs were notorious for crapping out early I think there was even a class action over it. So id...
  7. 18LJ

    Wavelength selecting red diodes - how orange can it get?

    Oh there's orange out there in the wild. They're just extremely rare incredibly expensive and can even be a bit dangerous. https://www.unipress.waw.pl/wtlab/index.php?file=kop14.php https://www.unipress.waw.pl/wtlab/index.php?file=kop1.php...
  8. 18LJ

    Fully ajustable R/G build in a 14mm-20mm wide pen

    This is ghetto fabulous I love it. What kinda drivers?
  9. 18LJ

    ANTIFA Likely Permanently Blinded Federal Officers With Lasers, Officials Say

    I agree that nothing good can come of this from a laser hobbyist standpoint but unnessecary regulations and bad laws. As a person of color who has had two friends in the past crippled and killed by police abusing their authority I feel like those officers should consider themselves lucky they...
  10. 18LJ

    Room temperature Orange Laser Diodes

    I posted this link awhile ago. https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/a-600nm-emitting-semiconductor-laser-for-only-5.104521/#post-1562416 Until one of thsee oranges materializes sub 100$ I'll likely never see coherent monochromatic orange irl. Unless.....I remember seeing awhile back someone...
  11. 18LJ

    Dangers of LEP flashlights?

    Dangerous, most likely not. Capable of causing serious injury if reckless irresponsible misuse occurs? Almost certainly yes. They use the same phosphor tech. in headlights on most newer luxury vehicle. So the technology is safe enough to have passed scrutiny from multiple automotive safety...
  12. 18LJ

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Awesome thanks for the link! Tho i am kinda weary of buying one reading that zraffles green burned out right away. Im gonna ponder my purchase options for a bit. ( It would be cool if this was sold as a disassembled kit u could choose which diodes to out in it) i wonder what the driver looks...
  13. 18LJ

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Really ive never seen one with rgb all built into the same host before on ebay. When i type in handheld rgb into the search you get like 10000 pages of the typical red green and blue pens but i never find any that are all three built into the same host
  14. 18LJ

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Yah i read the fine print and it said that the images used may not be of the actual item. If u scroll down to the bottom of the listing theres a couple more picsvof the laser and the box it comes in with a lipo shorty are those images jacked also u think? The buyer return policy states that alie...
  15. 18LJ

    Anyone familiar with these "picosecond laser pens" ?

    If theyre suggesting a pointer like pen that is qswitched and does picosecond pulses that are strong enough to destroy subdermal tattoo pigments powered by any type of commonly available battery then i say that is complete bs. U could maybe get 10-20 pulses from a fully charged 18650 before...
  16. 18LJ

    White Laser (NOT RGB)

    While i will agree that shining a light thru a phosphor should disrupt the lightwave coherence, i have seen i think on surplus shed and also on ebay lenses and just plain yellow crystals that were advertised specifically as being used to change the color of a laser from red to green or vice...
  17. 18LJ


    Yah thats what has me spooked is that a lot of people are contaigious when asymptomatic. Ive been taking the isolation measures very serious because im immuno compromised but now theyre saying that even if this first vaccine being tested now is effective they wont be able to produce enough for...
  18. 18LJ


    I find it disheartening to see how everyone throws blame around here. Everyone is politicizing this whole ordeal and trying to make it about whos side caused all of this and whos doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I find it disgustingly ignorant petty and shallow that people are saying...
  19. 18LJ


    This is the reason why this scares me soo much, themedia coverage and gov. Response to the outbreak are increadibly disproportionate to the severity of the virus soo far. The normal yearly seasonal flu is contracted and kills far more people than covid has so far, which leads me to two likely...