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  1. Gas Can

    Just One Beam shot over Truckee River

    Thanks. I planned on having several nice shots but this was the only one I liked. I used a Canon 40D and a tripod. F4.5, 10 sec. ISO 125, 18mm or 29 in 35mm film. There were streetlights and the red light might have came from the El Dorado Casino. My Greenie is usually powerful but because it...
  2. Gas Can

    Just One Beam shot over Truckee River

  3. Gas Can

    O-like 400mW Crown Review & Pics

    I like the 400 O-like. Looks like the best bang for the buck for a high power greenie. Only thing I dont like is they dont have a IR filter which I do have on my other greenie. How much ,educated guess, in the LPM is IR? Also, what is the danger I hear of for IR? I mean, If you know the danger...
  4. Gas Can

    Do you carry your laser as self defense at night?

    Yep, your odds are best to always be situationally aware and try to avoid confrontation. It sounds like you have to walk a few scary streets so just be ready. I mention Pepper spray because life isnt always like a hero in a action movie slaughtering all the bad guys. You said," As for pepper...
  5. Gas Can

    Do you carry your laser as self defense at night?

    Lascannon, no worries by me about posting questions. Thats what the forum's for and who cares what a few nit pickers on here think.. You could buy a collapsible baton online and carry that but its a little heavy. Its a good weapon, cops carry them and they come in different sizes. Sounds like...
  6. Gas Can

    Do you carry your laser as self defense at night?

    Pepper spray is much better than a silly laser. You can't guarantee hitting their eyes in a split second self defense situation with a laser. Pepper spray is guaranteed to blind them if you can get the spray off. Then you can get away or kick the living shit out of them as they are defenseless...
  7. Gas Can

    100mw 447nm Laserglow polaris

    I get the argument that you get what you pay for in quality but I don't get Laserglow charging 7 or 8 times more than the competition. I like the host, its like my Hulk laser, I know LG's are good but what made you pay $400 for a 119mW blue laser when you can buy or make a 1-1.5 W 445(10X more...
  8. Gas Can

    Woman attacked with laser

    This Douchebag claimed he lasers people for fun and made a video. Sad thing is he is on LPF and mentions two main guys here he bought his lasers from. http://laserpointerforums.com/f48/get-load-these-dips-ts-69078.html 720p HD Watt 445nm Laser Burning Gasoline; Wood, Plastic GOPRO - YouTube...
  9. Gas Can

    O-like 400mW Crown Review & Pics

    Why didnt you buy direct from O-like? Is there a reason you spent $50 more from a reseller?
  10. Gas Can

    FS: Aurora C6 Kits!

    Just an FYI to builders of this. There isnt much room between the diode pins and the driver that is heat sinked on top of the pill. Shorten the wires and pins or they will hit. Nice host, pocket size.
  11. Gas Can

    Hit in eye with 1000mw 445nm blue laser

    Xoul, good luck recovering. Whats your eye look like now? Progress report.....
  12. Gas Can

    There is Something "Wrong" With My Beam/Spot

    What is causing this large "light spray" around the outsides of the beam? Is this just reflecting off the inside of the lens? It's a 445nm M140 w/ a 3 element glass lens and simple focus ring.
  13. Gas Can

    FS: Aurora C6 Kits!

    Yes, thats what I bought , the M140 diode from him w/ lens and module. You will need to remove the lower half of the module to make it fit. I love this little host but the heat sink is a little loose. The top is tightend down but it will still spin when I focus. Is there a trick to fix this...
  14. Gas Can

    445nm Giveaway!!

    Really cool of you to give back Moh. Good Luck will come your way ten fold. Did you get my PM a few days ago?
  15. Gas Can

    Jet lasers beam expanders

    Did you try e-mailing Jet Lasers? They manufacture it so.... I have a Hulk 150. Its bad ass as you know. I wonder what it LPM's at? I wish Radio Shack charged a couple bucks and let me test it there but Ive found the employees (here at least) now dont know crap as opposed to years before when...
  16. Gas Can

    o-like shipping times???

    That sucks man. I had my eye on one of these because its such a good price and a few others got them and LPM'ed them as good. Keep us posted.
  17. Gas Can

    Need Advice - Package Came Severely Damaged

    Document and open the package before jumping to conclusions. You already have pics of the package with the Post office damage notice on it so there is your proof it came messed up. You won't be going to Peoples Court over this so no need for a P.O. employee to witness. It's most likely fine, if...
  18. Gas Can

    WTB Grean Laser

    Im pretty sure you wont prefer Wicked after you spend a little time researching Wicked's reviews here. I have a Hulk by DL, its awesome but they are a little overpriced but always overspec. If you want a less expensive option, here is a good one. LZCB - 532nm 150mW Focusable Green Laser Pointer
  19. Gas Can

    [solved] Aixiz driver output?

    Re: Aixiz driver output? I have a Mohgasm Linear Driver. edit: Thanks
  20. Gas Can

    [solved] Aixiz driver output?

    Re: Aixiz driver output? I was wanting to measure the current with a multimeter before I install the diode. Is it safe? I was hesitant because Im a novice with a MM and wanted to make sure it was safe to test that way because I see info on is using a test load that I don't have.