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  1. ENX

    Translation needed (maybe Japanese)

    I know this is completely off topic, but I was given an old porcelain cup and saucer and wanted to do some research and see what I could find out about it. There is some writing on the bottom of both pieces and I am wondering if someone can please assist with a translation? After some...
  2. ENX

    Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **

    Happy Holidays LPF, I hope I am the first to bring this host to the table… I was out shopping earlier this week and like most of us, I am always on the lookout for new and/or different items to make into laser hosts. Some of the best places to look are your local hardware stores and at...
  3. ENX

    Aluminum 445 Phaser Box

    Hey LPF, I want to share a little project I completed this week. I have been wanting to build a mini hand-held laser into an Aluminum project box I bought a couple weeks ago. I had some scrap / leftover parts laying around, so I started cutting, drilling, soldering, and gluing. The parts...
  4. ENX

    National Anti-Laser Attack Task Force

    Interesting article... "Laser attacks are serious business. According to the FBI, they've reached "epidemic levels," with 3,700 expected to occur by the year's end. But we're not talking about some kind of futuristic death rays. No, no. This is about people with laser pointers blinding...
  5. ENX

    Energizer Hard Case 1.7W 445

    Hey LPF, It was a rainy day here is South Florida today, so I went to Home Depot. I was looking at the LED flashlights and found a cool laser host. It is the Energizer Hard Case Pro Inspection LED Flashlight. Even though its mostly rubber and plastic, I thought it was a very good looking...
  6. ENX

    Mini Brass 405 Project

    Hello LPF. I wanted to share a new DIY build I just completed. This one took me a while to get everything to fit just right, but it was a good learning experience and the finished laser turned out really nice. Parts list: K & S Brass Tubing (1 x #139, 1 x #140) 2 x Aixiz Modules 1 x 405nm...
  7. ENX

    LIGHTHOUND - I am sold on their service

    Hey LPF'ers, Just a quick note to let everyone know the my recent purchase with LightHound (Fenix Flashlights, Cree LED, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Li-Ion Chargers, Leatherman Multitools, Spyderco Knives and more!) was flawless. I found a specific need for some very small...
  8. ENX

    WTB Flex-drive V5 -need min of 2 shipped to Florida.

    Hopefully little or no use, mint condition preferred. PM me if you have some to sell
  9. ENX

    Question about 808nm

    I am relatively new to lasers and thanks to my "new found addiction", I have quite a few lasers in my collection. I am interested in the varying uses of the different wavelenghts and I have a question about 808nm... These scare me due to the invisible danger they pose to your eyes, so I don't...
  10. ENX

    Off-Road Laser

    I was going to put this under the "Guess what this is?" thread... This is one of the first lasers I built a couple months ago. The host is a inexpensive Eveready flashlight I picked up at Target. I was able to find some copper washers to resize and use as a heat sink and secured the Aixiz...
  11. ENX

    Mini-Blu 405nm

    Hello, Below are some pictures of my new mini blu-ray laser. This build consists of a 15X50mm module, PHR-805T, Flexdrive, RS mini switch, Aixiz module (cut for thread and switch housing), 1 X 10440 battery, and 3 pieces of K & S brass tube (#137, #138, #139). Similar to my last 532 pen...
  12. ENX

    532nm module thread size?

    Does anyone know what size the threads are on a standard 532nm 50mw Module as pictured below and if there are any screw on covers available? Shown here in my custom host... I have seen some modules on eBay and other sites that have caps on them and was unsuccessful finding anything at the...
  13. ENX

    Homemade Pen 532nm

    Wanted to share these pictures of my new DIY Laser Pen. It was a fun process to make and with parts, laser module, and battery it was under $40. I was at a local hardware store this weekend and purchased some small lengths of brass tubing. It sparked my interest as it said 12.7mm diameter and...
  14. ENX

    New Project... In Host Battery Monitoring, etc

    Hello, Looking at all of LPF's projects and hosts, I am getting overload on ideas that I want to try. I am trying to colminate a bunch of these ideas and some of my own to start a new experimental project... The objective is to create a new portable host laser and am going to attempt to...
  15. ENX

    Powering a 3V 50w Green with 3.7V to 4.2V

    Good evening LPF, I recently bought a couple 532nm modules to test with from Cajun Lasers (50mw 532nm green laser module [532mod50] - $24.99 : Cajunlasers Store). Clif said the should be good where they are adjusted and probably won't take much extra voltage. Ofcouse I want more power, but...
  16. ENX

    Parallel Charging of 10440s?

    Hello, My name is Eric from South Florida and I am new to this laser obsession. I really enjoy reading the posts here at LPF. I have made it pretty far reading and experimenting on my own using all of the excellent resources of information here. LPF really has a solid core of super talented...