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  1. chipdouglas

    Most effective dating websites (NOT Spam)

    None of the above... from the ones listed I'd go with okcupid. I date a lot of girls from Yelp. Im very fortunate to make a decent living and travel for work. I know what I'm gonna say next may be shallow and it's just my theory. With all my check ins all over the US and abroad, girls see...
  2. chipdouglas

    What type off batteries can I use?

    you need to use the same size, and voltage battery. take your dead one out and look.
  3. chipdouglas

    need help setting the current with lm317

    put 6 AA's in series. that should do it for you. since youre making a test load, you want diodes, not resistors... see pic. you put in enough diodes to get close to the voltage drop of the LD you want to actually use. each of these diodes has a .7v drop. so the 6 of them drop 4.2v. your...
  4. chipdouglas

    Laser powered razor

    Make no mistake, this is from LPF member Sprorocks. used to be on a lot, and was a mod for a bit. I can only take credit for being crazy enough to keep this pic for years, waiting to use it at the right time!! LOL MIchael.
  5. chipdouglas

    Laser powered razor

    Damn, spyro was ahead of his time... he invented something similar years ago. I saved the design, I knew it would come in handy (mmmm handys)
  6. chipdouglas

    New to Lasers - Low mW Project

    the lower the power doesn't mean the smaller the dot. what type of diode you use (single mode v multi mode), the optics you use, and your set focal length. the drive will dictate the modulation, not necessarily the laser diode. to correct the second post.... yes there are 100mW 405nm...
  7. chipdouglas

    How Fast Is DRT's Shipping.

    you answered your own question in the pleasant comment you left on my page "Hello can you please use use your brain! I said I don't want to wait forever because certain parts of the page were suggesting I would wait like 20 days. I am sick of people like you just hollering people for dumb...
  8. chipdouglas

    LPF's Religion

    back on topic... What did the dyslexic atheist say? - There is no dog haha Michael.
  9. chipdouglas

    LPF's Religion

    You surely don't speak for me. While Alex is very dry, he is more than useful. He is one of the more intelligent members here and people challenge that constantly. Which is fine, but don't cry when you don't prevail. He clearly told you his he wasn't aware he was attacking members...
  10. chipdouglas

    Sanwu 405 nm One Watt

    Also, send him an email. He may not read your post here. It would suck to have a bunch of confusion and he said she said thing going on. Michael.
  11. chipdouglas

    Test Load Simulated Diodes?

    how about we call laser diodes, laser diodes or ld's and diodes, diodes. I think it will help clear up any confusion in the future. Michael.
  12. chipdouglas

    How Fast Is DRT's Shipping.

    according to the forum reputation system, DTR has reputation beyond repute. edit... wooooot wooooot... 4000th post!!! suck it sucka Michael.
  13. chipdouglas

    LPF's Religion

    lol genesis...
  14. chipdouglas

    Beam correcting optics

    You got me there!! That I can get behind =) Michael.
  15. chipdouglas

    Beam correcting optics

    Don't drive your self crazy if you don't have a real purpose for needing a corrected beam. I've never pulled out a multimode and had somebody say "hey is that a multimode with horrible beam characteristics" it's like if you cook a meal and mess up a little. everybody will think the meal...
  16. chipdouglas


    as for the 10 mins of straight on... obviously I had no clue if it was going to kill it. but a diode and or driver is way cheaper than seadoo mechanic haha!! Michael.
  17. chipdouglas


    Been using this laser for a while now. I gotta say I still love it!! I've lost it twice, and washed it in the washing machine, then in the dryer once. Still running just as strong as ever. With 2 17500 batts in series, I get realistically 30-45 mins between charges. This weekend...
  18. chipdouglas

    LPM Help

    I don't have experience with your meter. if you're trying to read a laser that is in the hundreds of milliwatts, who cares if your off by so few mW. just food for thought Michael.
  19. chipdouglas

    NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode

    if flexibility is your concern just get 10ga silicone wire (or what ever gauge you need) http://www.amazon.com/10-Gauge-Silicone-Wire-Feet/dp/B007DMW3IU Michael.