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  1. chipdouglas

    will pay for artitst

    Hello All, My brother is in the middle of a website redesign. He want to pay somebody to draw him up some 1920 styled political cartoon type scenes. you don't need to have a story line, and one of the characters needs to be modeled after him. He wants black and white, and vector. Any...
  2. chipdouglas


    Hey guys, according to the forum reputation eghemus reputation is beyond repute. Well he is a dick. Just kidding!!!!! I had some spare titanium tube and stock laying around and he said he could try to make me a host. I was very specific with what I wanted (based in batteries I had lol). So...
  3. chipdouglas

    HELP! Quick advice, online auction

    Hey guys.... I'm following an online auction for work and there is 1 lot with 2 matsusada es-32r high voltage power supplies. from reading it seems to me that is is a regulated power supply up to 3kv a few milliamp out put. is true? michael
  4. chipdouglas

    white led color spectrum

    Hello guys.... I cant seem to find the info. BUT.... does a white led emit a single spectrum of color, or is it basically a tuned rgb led. see link 100W White High Power LED Panel 9000LM 100 Watt Lamp Light | eBay any help will be greatly appreciated Michael.
  5. chipdouglas

    UV LED saftey concern

    Hello guys, whats good. I need help about safety. I am going to wear some uv reactive contacts on Saturday for my Halloween costume and had the idea to install 2- 3mm UV LEDs on my shoulders, or in my bushy fake eyebrows. the stated wavelength is 390-400nm, and the 3mm LEDs rated lumens...
  6. chipdouglas

    Electric Daisy Carnival, who's going

    Are any you guys going to EDC Vegas? Michael.
  7. chipdouglas

    Another REP system question

    Hey, sorry for thread but the rep system explanation thread is locked. I've noticed that when I rep people, sometimes they get 2 rep points from me, sometimes they only get 1. And by rep points I mean the rep number that is above the green bars. After some observing, the system doesn't seem...
  8. chipdouglas

    Lasers in nature??

    Hey guys. I did not google this because I enjoy reading the discussions and explanations here.... Are there natural lasers. Meaning, does stimulated emission take place naturally anywhere, here on earth or else where? Or does any part of the laser making process take place anywhere in nature...
  9. chipdouglas

    honorary moderator

    Today is the day that I accept my self given title of Honorary Moderator. My official duties include but are not limited to: Nothing, it's an honorary title Dear Avery, Dave, Things, and PED please change my title under my name to read "Honorary Moderator" Regards, Michael:wave:
  10. chipdouglas

    convert protected to nonprotected.

    I have a microboost set to 600ma, feeding a m140, powered by a protected trustfire 10440. my problem, is that it looses much power after <10mns run time. I've checked my driver for poor connections, I've taped it up inside the module, I've even put in a second driver. After all that, I...
  11. chipdouglas

    Beam visualizer.

    Hello. I was googling about and came across these matches. What, matches you say??? Yes matches. They appear to be specially designed to release non toxic smoke. 1 match is supposed to be able to release 20cuft worth of smoke. I ordered 2- 25 match packs. With shipping they came to 38usd. When...
  12. chipdouglas

    Help!! Can't post in threads

    Hello I can't post in threads. All threads on my ipad right now look as if they have been closed by mod. I can still create a thread, and vote in polls lol. I'm usually on my ipad, this has never happened before. I can edit too. I'll double check when I get to work and can use a desk top...
  13. chipdouglas

    Knife edge vs. PBS

    Hello guys, I'm gonna make a liquid sky for my campsite at burningman and am wonder what is the best way to do it. I'm using 2-m140's. I have a 445nm PBS and a knife edge array from said projector. What would be better to use for combining the beams? :thanks: Any help is greatly...
  14. chipdouglas

    Regulated psu and microboost trouble

    Hey guys, I finally manned up and bought a regulated dc power supply. It's a 30v and 5 amp max rated. I've toyed with it with some LEDs and 1 laser diode and it works pretty good..... Buuuuuut when I hook it to my microboost that is soldered to my ld, my ps will just keep ramping up the current...
  15. chipdouglas

    New argon, need help

    Hello All, Long time, no see. I recently purchased the pictured Argon laser from an industrial auction. I got it for $30. The lot description read as if it would come with power supply. Well it didnt. Can you guys help me find the correct one??? Any help would be much appreciated. This is my...
  16. chipdouglas

    HELP. Need custom laser projection cap

    Hey guys. My little sister got accepted to UCLA and we are having a going away party for her. I want/need a cap/lens to put in front of my green labby that projects "UCLA" i want to point it at a hill side. Is this even possible. Can anybody point me in the right direction. I don't even...
  17. chipdouglas

    Math/Electricity HELP!!!

    Hey Guys, I am horrible at math and need help. I am considering getting a 12vdc 50watt submersible pump. I need help figuring out how much it will cost to run 12 hours a day. i will be converting 120vac from my home with a variac and a rectifier. will this set up have significant...
  18. chipdouglas

    Nye beam show

    Hey guys. Here is a video I took at a new years eve rave in Anaheim California. The dj playing is paul van dyke. I did not create the show. Enjoy! Sorry I can't seem to get the video to tag. Here is a link. I'm on an iPad and copy paste is harder...
  19. chipdouglas

    Light related music video

    Hey guys, just heard this song and yt'd it. its a pretty good song, buy i'm just postin cuz it has lasers and a hot chick lol.:drool: 0NKUpo_xKyQ&ob
  20. chipdouglas

    Newport power meter

    Sorry if this seems lazy, but im out of town and on my cell. I can get a free newport powee meter model 1815c. But it doesnt have the metering head. Are those expensive, and what else would I need to have a fully functional lpm. Thanks a lot! Michael