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  1. offroadfreak8582

    Sold! Ophir 20C LPM with J.Bauer chipset and datalogging.

    Hello guys, I am selling my beloved laserpowermeter. It comes with all the goodies you need to start measuring your lasers (either as a hobbyist or professional). I have used this meter in the past to measure some DIY lasers I sold. Now I don’t sell lasers anymore I don’t feel the need for such...
  2. offroadfreak8582

    Pricedrop!: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread!

    Hello guys! Since Laserbtb has stopped their handheld laser sales i figured i'd make this thread. These laser are just laying in my closet and they are not used. They also don't have a purpose anymore. These are all brand new. They come in the original packaging and have only been on once for...
  3. offroadfreak8582

    SOLD: 500mW+ 532 laser pistol! check it.

    Hello Guys, Recently I had a project to turn a PL532 into a laser pistol. It came out great :drool: The handle was hand made out of 1 block of alluminium. It was also annodized in black (by mrCrouse). The handle is a simple screw on. The laser can also be use normally. The switch in the...
  4. offroadfreak8582

    Offroad's Clearout sale! NEW sinner, ehgemus, mrCrouse hosts and parts!

    Hello Guys, I have some very nice hosts and parts laying around. I am saving some money for a trip to the states in May 2016. So i am trying to break even on these parts. :wave: If you want them built however. Let me know what you want and I will give you a new price or it. Take Note: All...
  5. offroadfreak8582

    World of Photonics 22-25 June 2015 Munchen

    Hello everybody, I took a day off from work to visit this event in Munchen. Here is more information: LASER World of PHOTONICS | Weltleitmesse Laser- und Photonikindustrie I wondered if anybody from the forum is going there? Would be fun to meet! :bowdown: greetings, Robin
  6. offroadfreak8582

    Euro to dollar ratio's Januari 2015

    Hello guys, I am planning to make a trip to the states in may 2016. FINALLY. This has been in the works for about a year now. Unfortunately the following had happened: Which basically means my holiday as of now is getting 30% more expensive then it should be :p Maybe before that time it...
  7. offroadfreak8582

    Laserbtb.com the source for all laser needs. (6% coupon : 109058640691)

    Laserbtb.com has stopped activities. Laserbtb has stopped activities. See the last post. --------------------------- Hello fellow photon enthousiasts! As some of you may know i have done about five groupbuys for laserBTB now. I was informed by laserbtb that they got three stickies on...
  8. offroadfreak8582

    Review of waterproof 1W 445, 1W 445 with modes from laserBtB

    Hello Guys! A few day ago a package came in :D. I just love packages :bowdown: This one scared met though! It had stickers on it from customs! The have looked through the package to see what is in it. Luckily for me though they were kind enough to let all lasers in the package and have it...
  9. offroadfreak8582

    Awaiting shipment!: ROUND 5!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Hey guys here is the fifth round :beer: :beer:. I asked you in the feeler thread how you would feel about another GB. The replies were very positive and drove me to start round five! We have some new products and new prices, which are awesome! Some are waterproof hosts. And PL lasers with...
  10. offroadfreak8582

    Feeler: Round 5 on laserBtB Products?

    Hello laserfriends! It has been a while! This is mainly because my private life has been a challenge! I graduated, got a new job 10 months ago and now the department i work has gone bankrupt. I will move to another department in a week to start over again. The company really wanted to keep me...
  11. offroadfreak8582

    FS: 445nm copper pen build 2.5W with case etc!

    Hey guys, I am kinda doubtfull on this sell. I have only recently built this. BUT sinner keeps throwing these beautifull hosts at my doorstep and the number of 445's i have is growing too fast :p So i am going to sell it. This mini photon thrower has a fresh 9mm 445 in a copper module. The...
  12. offroadfreak8582

    Copper "pen" host made by Sinner build by me!!

    Hello all :beer: Today I had some time on my hands and i decided to build the "Copper pen" sinner had sent me! :D I started by sanding the inner part of the host. Fitting the copper module in the front of the host. I made it so it was very snugg. And it would go in with a press fit. Then it...
  13. offroadfreak8582

    Pricedrop: Offroad's: "HEX Zaser" Limited edition lasers!

    Hey guys! :san: Let me start by saying these are my new favorite hosts! These are fully custom made by mrcrouse. The finish of the metal and annodising is the best i have seen. I offer them built with anything you like! I have 445 in stock but other options are available too. These are 2x...
  14. offroadfreak8582

    !Now 200$! Black "grit" powdercoat 2.5W 18650 445nm laser!

    Hello fellow enthousiasts! :beer: Today i offer you for sale this: I allready made a thead about it here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f72/ehgemus-powdercoat-experiment-87637.html Today i finished this laser! It has the following spec's: - New M-140 - Direct press diode - 1.8A FMT DRV2...
  15. offroadfreak8582

    Laserbtb 6% coupon!

    Hey guys! :beer: I have been getting PM's about when there will be a new GB. Which is understandable since the products are discounted. But unfotunately we can not do GB's every month so i got a coupon code from kevin for the times that there is no groupbuy! If you cant wait for the next GB...
  16. offroadfreak8582

    Sinner's "copperhead" 18650 host review!

    Hey guys :san: Today i built an new laser! I got the host from our famous sinner! :san: I was thinking of doing a nice 3W+ 445 in this host since it has such a nice big copper heatsink! So i was starting the build with the pill. Unfortunately the pill was way too small to fit an IDRV3 buck...
  17. offroadfreak8582

    Ehgemus powdercoat experiment

    Hello guys! So i recently aquired powdercoat apparatus and i wanted to try it out on an ehgemus host! I used special matt black textured grippy powdercoat which came out pretty sweet! This is my first laser that i powdercoated. Here is how it came out: You can really see the texturing on...
  18. offroadfreak8582

    CLOSED: ROUND 4!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Hey guys here is the fourth round :beer: :beer: This one is really unexpected. Kevin mailed me if i had time to do one since both him and me have more time on our hands. So i said why not :p (again) He sent me new prices, also on the website they changed. Their margins have become lower. So...