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  1. drlava

    Buying: long die closed can red diodes

    I'm looking for a number of these diodes. They were often discarded from the GGW sleds and some other blu ray sleds. Please let me know if you have >5 of these to sell. thank you!
  2. drlava

    How healthy are your batteries? (How to measure internal resistance)

    I've seen here and there posts about people having trouble with their batteries, some from DX (I've had issues, too) and other places, so now's a good time to post a simple test you can do to find the health of your rechargeable battery. For an example I'll use a common 18650 li-ion cell. When...
  3. drlava

    Cylindrical correction optics for 445, 638

    The test units from the final manufacturer have arrived and check out good. They are broadband coated < 0.5% reflectivity. The final total losses including bk7 glass are 3%, vs an estimated 10% for prisms. <0.9 mrad emission is achievable with these (after an ashperic collimator) used to...
  4. drlava

    Using a PBS from GGW or GBW to combine 445

    Hey guys, after a thorough search of going through sled parts looking for a PBS that could combine two 445 lasers without too much loss, I've found a good option. The PBS/Reflector combination that is mounted vertically, pointing up to the red read lens in the GGW-H20L and GBW-H10N is just...
  5. drlava

    Ultralasers Lab Style DHL-G500N 500mW analog 532nm green laser 'Ultrareview'

    Ultralasers 500mW 532nm Green DPSS Laser Model DHL-G500N July 5th 2010 Introduction: This is a review of a single unit from the laser manufacturer/assembler Ultralasers. They have recently introduced themselves to the PL forum as a new provider for laser modules, and requested that a forum...
  6. drlava

    Interest in exotic lasers? Come here.

    Hi guys, I'm having a private PM silent auction in a pair of one-of-a-kind lasers as a fundraiser to help dig me out of a hole. A pair of exotic lasers. First, a 600mW 445nm Blue laser built into the Kryton Smooth Pearl: That image was from when it still had a $300 ggw installed. The new...
  7. drlava

    150mW 473nm analog modulation show/lab laser

    For sale is a 150mW 473nm s-ky branded laser. Measured at around 165-180mW. I've been using this laser lightly in my rig for about 1.5 years with no problems. I'm now changing over to 445nm. Analog modulation, speed is good for dpss, probably about 30k, I haven't measured directly but have...
  8. drlava

    500mW 445nm 5.6mm can laser diode

    Hi guys, I got a few extras and thought I'd share the deal.. 445nm blue wavelength (444nm measured) 500mW max power output lasing threshold 200mA slope 1mW/mA typ. Emission: 10x45 degrees Comes with chart plot of operation. Asking $420
  9. drlava

    Get yourself a temp-controlled soldering iron

    WELLER EC2001 SOLDERING STATION W/IRON - eBay (item 200476732749 end time Jun-02-10 14:05:56 PDT) :)
  10. drlava

    Introducing two new miniature drivers for portable lasers

    Hi guys, there are two new portable laser drivers on the block to accompany the Micro FlexDrive. They are called the Micro Boost Drive (same size as the FlexDrive) and the Groove 2 (a little larger). They both can fit into an Aixiz module. The Micro Boost drive is a boost-only version of...
  11. drlava

    420mW 658nm Lab Module for Shows

    EDIT: SOLD! Hey guys, this module is designed to be used in a projector, asking $298: 420mW 658nm red laser module with analog modulation. 3mm beam diameter, divergence. < 1mrad, > 100kHz bandwidth, analog modulation. Built with FlexMod, lasorbs, LDOC diodes, modified lenses, modified...
  12. drlava

    Aging of Blu Ray Diodes - new test procedure

    Introduction: Back when KES-400A's were all the rage, in testing them with the P-I-V autoramper I noticed that at certain currents their output power slowly declined a minute amount. In normal pointer operation, this decline is barely noticeable, but it is there. Now is the time to revisit...
  13. drlava

    How to get your pointer destroyed: use it dangerously in a club.

    Just saw this over at PL. Here is what 100+mW to the eye looks like to me - Photonlexicon The kid was fortunate with the outcome, IMO let this be a warning!
  14. drlava

    SF-AW210 PIV plots/lifetime thread

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted P-I-V plots in volume, since the large roundups a long time ago. Well, I got a new data acquisition card for the rig and built a new control board, so more data will be coming in the future. Methods: A few details about the testing rig: It's built...
  15. drlava

    Kryton Groove Fade + PHR + FlexDrive + Custom Lens $155

    I have a few extra Kryton Groove barrels, so the other night I assembled this beautiful Blu-ray laser-based/forensics flashlight with new components for a lucky buyer. It is built on the Kryton Groove host with a custom fade anodization that came out wonderfully. Installed is a new PHR-803T...
  16. drlava

    Beware, Ninja Cat approaches.

    thought this was hilarious: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=fzzjgBAaWZw&feature=related
  17. drlava

    S-KY focus adjustable 150mW 532nm portable laser

    Up for sale is a new S-KY laser that is an underspec '200mW' unit.  It hits 200mW, just not for long enough.  I have done modifications to the driver to reduce power dropoff as the battery drains (brightness doesn't drop off as fast with a lower charge battery).   I also reduced the driving...
  18. drlava

    Laser barcode readers: liquid sky mini TEC lenses

    While waiting for the new set of FlexDrives to come in, I recently stopped by an industrial surplus sale and picked up some of these little 'Lazerdata 9000e' industrial super high speed barcode scanners.  They are intended for inventory and assembly tracking on an automated assembly line and...
  19. drlava

    Leet Messages

    this morning I was greeted by an interesting forum statement..
  20. drlava

    S-KY 150mW 473nm Blue DPSS laser

    A lot of people have been waiting for this, here is a review of a 150mW rated S-KY blue dpss laser. Review in PDF form here This laser was good in some areas, weaker in others but in the right conditions performed very well. The thing is, those 'right conditions' may not exist inside your...