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  1. Nanolaser

    The amazon laser experiment

    I was kind of curious what kind of insects would be attracted by night in the amazon jungle with different kinds of lasers @ different kinds of wavelengths ? :wave:
  2. Nanolaser

    2X lucklaser for sale

  3. Nanolaser

    Europe A New Holiday Tradition for the Dutch: Arguing About Blackface

    http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/15/world/europe/dutch-tradition-of-black-pete-renews-christmastime-debate.html?smid=tw-NYTOpenSource&seid=auto&_r=1 :beer:
  4. Nanolaser

    Wanted 445nm, 4.5W - 5W laser pointer.

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I have got the 2 folowing laser pointers that I'm willing to exchange with a respectable member on this forum for one of your 4.5W - 5W laser pointer. I have the 1000mw 532nm version and the 500mw, 635nm version. Perhaps I could pay the difference or something. These 2...
  5. Nanolaser

    Full Auto balloon popping demo

  6. Nanolaser

    Full Auto balloon popping demo

    Would be kind of cool to have a automatic tracking option to track movable balloon targets instead of static ones using motion detection :D Auto balloon popping demo - YouTube
  7. Nanolaser

    Saving private ryan with my Alien Host

    A couple of days ago very early in the morning there was a group of aprox. 8-10 students trying to beat up a fellow student for a weird reason,... I did not hesitate to save this student by beaming my Alien Host laser in short bursts of aprox. 1/4 of a second to disperse them from a distance of...
  8. Nanolaser

    Sint Nicolaas and blackface in the benelux

  9. Nanolaser

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Allo allo untill we meet again,... :tsk: Since daguin removed my latest post in the thread I started some time ago named Super Sonic interrogation Chambers VS waterboarding, I will say it again here : This thread has been for to long on 13. 'Zero Dark Thirty', 'Lincoln' triumph at New York...
  10. Nanolaser

    > 600mw, 445 nm laser module, tec cooled + power supply

    600mw, 445 laser module, tec cooled + power supply | eBay
  11. Nanolaser

    Sol Campbell warning on Euro 2012 racism

    Euro 2012: Ukraine's festering football racism | World news | The Guardian BBC News - Sol Campbell warning on Euro 2012 racism Vranckx | Canvas
  12. Nanolaser

    BBC1 - Panorama, The Honeymoon Murder

    With exclusive access to CCTV footage never before seen publicly, this Panorama special examines in detail the hours leading up to the death of Anni Dewani while on honeymoon in Cape Town. The film investigates the case against her husband Shrien, currently fighting in UK courts to avoid...
  13. Nanolaser

    Interactive volumetric Laser Effects

    Wouldn't it be cool to use one of these effects with lasers,.... This is something i sugested a decade ago,... Here is the link : Interactive Garden Effect | eBay
  14. Nanolaser

    Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice- Polar Bear Spy Cameras

    YouTube - Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice- Polar Bear Spy Cameras
  15. Nanolaser

    French jets streak over Benghazi

    U.S. launches first missiles against Gadhafi forces - CNN.com
  16. Nanolaser

    Moonraker Plans Brazil Filming

    6th February 2011 Back on July 20th, 1978, almost a year before the film would open in cinemas around the world, the production team on "Moonraker" had two major problems with their plans to shoot on location in Brazil: lack of water and lack of government support... Much of James Bond's next...
  17. Nanolaser

    Matrix Runs on Windows XP

    YouTube - Matrix Runs on Windows XP :p
  18. Nanolaser

    Realistic special effects coming soon to home movies

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. :beer:
  19. Nanolaser

    5-Oscar winner, composer John Barry, dies at 77

    LONDON (AP) — Composer John Barry, who won five Oscars for his film work but was best known for his contributions to a dozen James Bond movies, has died. He was 77. Barry died in New York on Sunday, his family said. The English-born composer won two Oscars, for the score and the song, for...