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  1. Kenom

    WTB Kryton laser barrels.

    Heya all. I am looking to buy some of the Kryton laser barrels from way back. If someone has 2 or three they wanna get rid of please let me know. Thanks! :)
  2. Kenom

    Laser Saber 7W+-

    Just finished this laser saber for a customer. Took a little longer than I wanted but I think it's a nice look all together.
  3. Kenom

    30W fiber laser with fiber and optics

    Fiber Coupled Laser Diode with Fiber and Optics | eBay anyone interested lemme know and I'll pull the auction.
  4. Kenom

    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    Hey guys... Sorry it's been a long time since my flee from the forum. Kind of watched as my life exploded. Depression is a bitch. Anyway.... that's the past and I'll be trying to make good for it. Not why I'm posting this. I'm curious now what's the good stable 445nm laser diode now and the...
  5. Kenom

    Lava module and Kryton smooth (empty) adding E3 host

    Up for grabs tonight is a Kryton Lava module. This uses the same Kryton head we've all come to love but is specifically designed to work in scanners or spyrographs. Comes with the module and a mounting L bracket to mount to your scanner. Asking price $45 Also have a C-mount laser host...
  6. Kenom

    FS 40W fiber laser diodes

    Up for sale are 2 800nm laser diodes each capable of 40W. These are not for the faint of heart or careless. I paid $200 EACH for these babies but am seeing that they are NOT going for that nowadays on ebay so I'll put in the OBO in as well. I'll entertain reasonable offers. I also have a...
  7. Kenom

    Need an AT&T android phone

    Hello! I need help. I've got a webos palm pre plus for AT&T and while I love the phone, I need to run an experiment and can't find a cheap android phone to do it with. I'll explain why I need it later. Here's what I need. Android phone has to be from the AT&T network NATIVE. No flashed...
  8. Kenom

    More "stuff" for sale

    I've gotta get rid of some more stuff. Not that I need the money, but it's taking up room or I have to upgrade some of the stuff. First up is a psu from MPJA I purchased for anodizing. It's a 0-20V, 0-3A PSU. I need a bigger PSU now so this is being upgraded. It's seen a bit of use, but...
  9. Kenom

    2 rare lasers and SPECIAL ONE TIME DEAL ON GROOVES

    My son's birthday is this weekend and his happiness is more important than me keeping onto a part of my Kryton history. Up for grabs is the Kryton Prototype. This baby cost me $900 to make and proved concept for the Kryton smooths. It's not beautiful, (although I could polish it a bit) but...
  10. Kenom

    motorcycle stock turn signal LED replacement

    I've searched high and low to find a high power LED replacement for the bulbs in my 1999 Yamaha V-max motorcycle. I've found probably 20000 different LED turn signals however they are all utilizing lots of 5mm junk LED's and that truly bugs me, so I made my own. I'm utilizing the stock socket...
  11. Kenom

    FS random laser stuff.

    These are the last of my laser goodies I've got laying around. Laserglow Aries (presently non-functional) green laser. This sucka was putting out 350mw when I had it going right. I've modified it to work off a single 18650 however the diode ended up frying. So, whoever purchases this has to...
  12. Kenom

    FS: Kryton Grooves. Kenometer PRo

    I hate to do this, but the person I promised these to has taken too long to purchase them and I cannot hold on to them any longer for him as I've too many folks who are clamoring for their refunds and I cannot pay them. Here is what I've got: 3 black $65 each 2 blue $65 each BOTH SOLD 1 clear...
  13. Kenom

    Nicolas Tesla movie

    I found a movie on the history of Nicolas Tesla and decided to download it. Since it is related to what we do in lasers (just way cool electronics) I figured I'd share. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3175365/Tesla%20-%20Master%20of%20Lightning%20PBS-VHS%20Great%20Quality%28DivX%29.avi
  14. Kenom

    FS: dragon pens. $10.

    I've got me some dragon pens for sale. I purchased them in error and now they need to be passed on. If there is no interest here, they will go on ebay. There are 4 styles all together. 2 are almost identical with the slight exception of hand placement on the 2. When you order, specify which...
  15. Kenom

    12x 405nm 475mW Kryton purple/marble $120

    Gone thanks.
  16. Kenom

    PSU input wiring question

    Ok, I got this psu to go with a HeNe and the input is rather confusing. There is only one input wire that is colored and that's green which I'm assuming is the ground. The other 2 wires are both white, how do I hook this up. In the picture I've got it hooked up to a socket but I'm just...
  17. Kenom

    Free. Cost of shipping alone.

    I'm getting rid of all my laser related goodies in preparation of leaving the forum. it all must go and I'm not going to make a penny on any of it. I want out and don't wanna deal with it any more. So, if you want it, it's yours for the cost of shipping alone. first up: Heatsinks purchased...
  18. Kenom

    focus adapters

    I've got a few focus adapters for sale. Each one will be anodized your color choice with the logo shown. Asking price. $10 shipping and paypal fees additional. They are threaded to screw onto a 9 x 1.5mm threaded lens. They are 25mm in diameter with the OD around the threads at 17.47mm...
  19. Kenom

    Kryton Grooves + other stuff as well including comics

    Up for sale are a few items to help me cover the cost of traveling out of town to be with my 9yr old at a mental hospital. Tungsten E2 Personal PDA 32mb onboard memory, palm powered device. SD slot... IMMACULATE condition. $30 shipping and paypal additional Dymo Personal Postage and...
  20. Kenom

    Identifying a bluray sled help plz!

    I recently found a sled that I'm 98% sure is a bluray sled however I cannot find any specific information on the specific sled and it's not written on the packaging so I need help identifying this particular sled. Here are the pics. If you need a specific picture of something to help identify...