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    Radio Wave Lasers

    I preface this by saying I know more about how visible light is produced than how radio waves work, so not much at all lol... I know that with sound waves, one can approximate a "laser" beam by producing an extremely high pitch oscillation and then passing it through a slit. Meanwhile with the...
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    Looking for the Best 10180 LiIon

    I recently built a keychain laser that is supposed to give off 700mW of red, but the usual vape stores don't carry such a small battery so I was forced to use an eBay battery that only allows for 500mW... do any of you folks know where I can get myself some decent 10180 cells with >=100 mAh...
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    How Much Extra Power Output does AR Coating Give?

    So far all of my lenses (that I can tell) are uncoated, and I'm curious as to how much extra power coated ones could realistically grant (applied to a G2 single element glass lens). If it's a meaningful increase, I might consider buying the coated ones for a bit more
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    Which Diode has the best Divergence:Power Ratio?

    I'm looking to make a proper red laser (not a flashlight like my 1.2W red laser turned out to be). I've heard good things about Sh@rp's 700mW diode divergence-wise, but I want to hear from you guys: which red laser diode offers the best divergence (sans FAC--can't afford that) whilst still...
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    How Sensitive are Lasers to Back Reflections of their Beam?

    I was recently using my 1.2W red laser when the beam (it was focused to infinity and super divergent by virtue of being from a red laser) became reflected by a shiny object in my house and came back into the laser. This interaction would have lasted for less than second and I'd say the spot was...
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    Looking for 5.6 to 9mm Laser Adapter

    Has anybody got a few of these (or is able to machine some)?: https://www.mi-lasers.com/product/5-6mm-to-9mm-laser-diode-case-adaptor-2/ I'm looking to buy around 5 or so. Thanks in advance!
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    Has Anybody Seen or Used this Driver Before?

    I found this nifty driver on a local craigslist-like website and was wondering if any of you folks had ever encountered it before. Supposedly it is capable of powering a red laser diode when 1 18650 battery is used, or a blue or green when 2x 16340 are used. The only known specs I know are that...
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    Trade Feeler: 1W 525nm for 7W 445nm

    Just out of curiosity, would anybody be willing to do such a trade? I hear that they are around the same brightness as perceived by the human eye
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    Newly Completed 1W Greenie

    Intro Hi folks, I recently completed a new laser and, being confident in its stability, have decided now is the time to post about it. I originally wanted to make a 1W green laser pen (due to its cheapness), but I also really wanted to have 15+ second duty cycles and at least 15 minutes of...
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    (SOLVED) I... I'm Kinda Retarded

    Alright folks, so I finally received a long-awaited driver from Aliexpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33015299888.html). I was testing it out on a dummy load and seeing the potentiometer's range when, go figure, the cheap thing broke when I overturned it. The driver now outputs 3mA max...
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    Checking up on DTR

    Is DTR still shipping out orders these days? If not, would any of you kind folks be able to sell me a cheap bare NUGM03 or NDG7475 diode?
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    Has Anyone Successfully Used the JD850/JD851 eBay Laser as a Host?

    Have any of you folks been able to mount your own diodes into this? I am looking to build a compact 1W greenie (9mm NUGM03) and wanted to see if anyone might have some pointers/past experience to share. Thanks for the input!
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    My First Post

    Hi all, I just wanted to say hi and show that I'm not a bot. Quick History: I built my first successful laser (250mW red) last year from a DVD burner, a driver I bought off Amazon, and an old flashlight. Last month I built my second laser (1W blue) and gave it to a friend. By the end of June...