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    Please don't do this.......

    It takes a silly amount of hardware. How many galvo pairs with lenses do you need to cover a sphere? At 60' optical scan angle per pair = lots of hardware. Also the enemy has more flying soldiers then you possibly can target with mechanical scanning, there simply is not time to keep...
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    Help - Designing for minimal divergence of low power NIR laser

    A pro would buy a diode collimator, a red diode (DTR lasers) , and a pair of compensator prisms. What you need is explained in this paper, but you may not need so many lenses on the left side. These days we have cheap glass aspheric lenses for that. Watch your eyes, these beams can cause...
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    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    CALL REO and get the real specs for the PSU, its easy to install a wrong one, which will be short lived. Also if it is killing PSUs, replace the ballast resistor with a wirewound or metal film resistor of the correct value and wattage. Steve
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    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    3.39 u 1.5 u 1.15 u 1.12 u 543 588 (four wave mixing) 594 609 [four wave mixing) 604 612 639 632 650 (raman line) 730 2 more visible four wave mixing. 4 x ir four wave mixing. And some other weak Ir stuff I have not identified yet. I got my hands on a few of Dr Knollenberg's unbelievably...
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    Recommendations for Laser Diodes/Drivers for Holography

    I suggest single mode diodes from DTR mounted in collimators with glass lenses. Use big aluminum blocks to hold the diodes. Then add gratings for wavelength feedback to make ECDLs. http://redlum.xohp.pagesperso-orange.fr/laser/red_diodelasers.html
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    JDSU 2214-30SLQTA Argon laser testing and PSU Tweak

    JDSU tubes are not glued. The hard seal glass frit, when fired, has the appearance of grey epoxy,. Trust me, JDSU argons use sealing glass frit. Its fused on with an induction heater in a vacuum , from a frit preform made of partially fused frit powder. See attached... Steve
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    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    Kaiser: Gain measurements at 543 nm in helium neon laser discharges B S Gray1, I D Latimer1 and S P Spoor1 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 29, Number1Citation B S Gray et al 1996 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 29 50 Steve
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    Tunable Helium Neon Laser

    Don't soak it just yet. I have He3 on order. A former HeNe glassblower is selling me his tank. I have Ne22 on station already. In fact don't soak it at all. Helium does not as readily diffuse through Kovar and 304, the alloys mainly used in REO type construction. It does diffuse rapidly when...
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    Question about intensity control with PWM

    I've done what your trying to do at 12Kpps. I used an acousto-optic modulator with an 80 Mhz base frequency and 14 Mhz of bandwidth. Had a video grade 8 bit ADC clocked at 6 Mhz ran into a comparison register circuit clocked at 6.2 Mhz for dithering. Turned the AOM on and Off PWM style...
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    561nm and 563nm-571nm laser modules for sale

    As for 976, as a pump replacement, We tried... Diode change was easy if you have worked on fine mechanics before. , #2 JIS screw driver, soldering iron , anti stat strap, a pair of decent flat jawed 4" needle nosed pliers, and a soldering iron. You need quick drying epoxy to properly insulate...
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    Anyone have info on the Lumenis Novus Spectra?

    The V-106 emulates a SP T series rack mount diode laser power supply. You just need the interlock wiring, a USB to serial cable and the commands to send. its 0-3 watts of 1064, and that one doesn't have the Q-switch from the looks of it. I'm in the process of reverse engineering one for...
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    Self defense

    Montana Grizzly Bear Notice: In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts, the Montana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field. We advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy little...
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    Beam termination/laser catch:

    I prefer a stack of single sided razor blades, the closely spaced, sharp edges , diffract high power beams quite nicely. Steve
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    But I want a Crystal of XZY for Color ZZZ nm for 10$ on Ebay Or How I learned to Love Commercial Crystals and Hate the Bomb!

    Note the attached RCA internal magazine is 1963ish. The Laser was invented about two years earlier. I get question after question on Solid State Laser Crystal growth.. This publication has a pretty good explanation of why it it is difficult and expensive. What they do not mention is the time...
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    DYE help

    His actual best bet is to find a University or Industrial lab near him, that has a working dye. Then go there and ask for help. in 30 years of working with lasers, I can count on three fingers of one hand, the number of people I've met who got a ring dye going from scratch without the...
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    DYE help

    About 4-5 grams minimum if he gets it on the first go round. He still needs a big green DPSS or an All lines Argon doing say 4 Watts. 405 is out as a pump, not close enough to the lasing wavelength. Steve
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    DYE help

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    DYE help

    Ah, the Manual your Looking for is a "Lexel Aurora" Which was a Lexel 295 Argon with a Dye Head just like that. When I get home from work I'll see if I still have it in the stuff I rescued from the Lexel Factory Auction. Basically the idea is get the get working with pure alcohol and a tiny...
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    How Important Is Soft Start?

    Ever tore into a DVD burner driver? Trust me, the DC bias comes up sloooowy... It may not be 15 seconds, it may be on the order of milliseconds, but it IS there. The soft start is built into the current mirror startup circuits in the chip itself. Transient analysis is a huge part of Electrical...
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    SP 127b alive and well! :D

    It is not ordinary Pyrex on these... It is an aluminosilicate that has reduced helium diffusion and specialized expansion properties that let it bond to Kovar for the lead thrus. Junctions between the different glasses need 3 or more different glass types on average aka a graded seal.. Most...