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  1. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    Final Update: Paypal Case was decided in my favor and I got a full refund. So now I got 3 free lasers plus batteries and chargers :)
  2. brendon7358

    Is this 10w laser diode from ebay a scam?

    Probably not but you can't see that wavelength so it's pretty boring
  3. brendon7358

    I'm selling some masterpieces from my handheld collection ...

    Would you consider selling anything from the rest of your collection? There were some things in your signature I was interested in.
  4. brendon7358

    100W laser pointer-

    How much does it cost if I wanted to buy one? $$$ or $$$$? Edit: My LPM goes up to 150W so if you wanted I could LPM it for you.
  5. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    The laser looks just like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/900Miles-Star-Beam-Red-Laser-Pointer-Lazer-2x-18650-Rechargeable-Battery-Charger/203029998832?hash=item2f4587ecf0:g:Xk0AAOSwX09e4GKY
  6. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    OK, they are actually halariously bad. I wasn't expecting 1000mW but I was hoping for around 100mW. Boy was I wrong. 405nm 25mW 532nm 30mW (5mW of which is IR) 650nm 4mW LOL
  7. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    Received them today, the green laser is a 303 laser but the other 2 are in a different host. Not the one advertised but a nicer one than 303. It is indeed a 405nm so I filed a dispute with PayPal. I haven't lpm tested them yet but I can say with confidence that none of them are anywhere...
  8. brendon7358

    Problem Buying from Sanwu

    If you don't have anything useful to say why say anything at all? It is well known sanwu is a good company here and podo is a member here on LPF that I believe runs sanwu. Do more research before telling other people to do more research.
  9. brendon7358

    source for 5mw green lasers with an IR filter

    All of laserglows 532nm lasers including the Anser are IR filtered.
  10. brendon7358

    source for 5mw green lasers with an IR filter

    Laserglow Anser. It's $40 https://www.laserglow.com/product/byproduct/Premium-Laser-Pointers/
  11. brendon7358

    Self defense

    Any laser for dazzling should be green. Any other color you are just blinding your subject.
  12. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    No, shipped first class from china is going to be awhile. Last update is June 2nd said cleared customs but unclear if it was china or USA customs. Tracking number does not show anything on USPS as of yet (only trackable on china post) so probably will be awhile.
  13. brendon7358

    SCAM - ignore

    If you did not receive what you ordered, it's a fairly straightforward PayPal dispute to get your money back
  14. brendon7358

    Computer Problem

    If you go with the build I recommend you you can add a graphics card depending on budget The cheapest I would go with is a 5600XT or RTX 2060 which are around $300. Best bang for your buck is a 1660ti though which is around $250
  15. brendon7358

    Computer Problem

    Do you have a graphics card? If so and your cpu has integrated graphics try removing the graphics card and plugging the monitor directly into the motherboard. If not you should probably look into a new computer because either your cpu, or motherboard is bad. Or it could also be a bad PSU...
  16. brendon7358

    Lets do some pets

    This is Jake This is Tiger (pronounced Tiggur) This is Simba. Simba and Tiger eat the same food and are the same age so I don't understand why Simba is so fat.
  17. brendon7358

    Dragon Lasers doesn't sell handhelds anymore?

    LPS.org? Lincoln Public Schools? What?
  18. brendon7358

    Computer Problem

    Sounds like a power supply problem or something came unplugged. Check inside make sure everything is connected tightly, reseat your ram. Make sure the cpu fan is plugged in. If that doesn't work you can try using a multimeter and checking the voltages coming out of your power supply.
  19. brendon7358

    Looking for a 10-20mW 520nm laser

    These are 532nm, but green is green, dpss has better divergence anyway https://www.optotronics.com/green-laser-pointers.php