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  1. Ghostchrome

    150kW Lasers On Combat Planes

    Thought his was pretty cool. :) US Military to Install Laser Turrets on Combat Airplanes Pew pew!
  2. Ghostchrome

    Copenhagen Suborbitals - Engine Test Live Feed

    I thought that I'd share this with you guys because I think privately funded space exploration is pretty freakin' cool. I've been following Copenhagen Suborbitals for a while now, but just saw that they've got a live feed of an engine test going going today, 7pm Copenhagen time (less than an...
  3. Ghostchrome

    Most Powerful Laser Evar!

    Super laser to solve the world's energy problems? i don't know about that, but it sure is powerful. Via Gizmodo: America Fires the Most Powerful Laser In History
  4. Ghostchrome

    Jupiter * 445 * Venus

    When I was outside tonight, I saw Jupiter and Venus right next to each other up in the sky. I thought it would make a pretty cool picture if I fired a laser up toward them. I think it turned out pretty good. I might have to start doing more of this sort of thing.
  5. Ghostchrome

    FS: GhostDrive2 Linear Drivers $6.99!

    Update 4/4/13: I don't have any of these In stock and probably not going to build any for a while. Thanks! :) The next version of the GhostDrive has arrived. It's been redesigned to make it even more super awesome than it was before. So what's new with this version? 1) M0ar Metal! Wider...
  6. Ghostchrome

    Intense Neighborhood Christmas Lights

    There's a neighborhood here in Southern California that is pretty over the top during the holidays. My wife discovered this place the other day, so we went to go check it out tonight. I have to say that I was totally blow away. Apparently the guy who started it used to work at Disneyland or...
  7. Ghostchrome

    FS: LazorLabs' Red Burning Bundle $19.99

    Hi folks! :wave: I am offering a bundle pack which includes the basic components need to get you started on building a high-powered, red, burning laser. The kit includes: 1x LPC-815 sled This sled houses a 660nm (red) laser diode (as well as an infrared diode) which can be harvested and...
  8. Ghostchrome

    FS: GhostDrive Linear Drivers

    The GhostDrive is a full featured, micro-sized, linear driver. It's small enough to easily fit inside of an AixiZ module, and is capable of running both red and blu-ray laser diodes on two 3.7V lithium-ion batteries.* Each driver comes in a preset range which is selected at checkout. Don't see...
  9. Ghostchrome

    LazorLabs' $7.00 LPC Extravaganza!

    Hi Folks! I just got a bunch of LPC-815 sleds. In order to make the grand opening of my store, LazorLabs all official-like, I've listed these sleds at $7.00 each. What?! Yep. For a limited time, they are available HERE. But wait, there's more! The first five people to place an order will...
  10. Ghostchrome

    The GhostDrive is Coming...

    Being a hardcore do-it-yourselfer, I embarked on a journey to design my own linear driver that I could use use in my laser builds. It's been a fun project that I've been working on for quite a while now, so it's pretty neat to start seeing it actually start to come together. I finally bit the...
  11. Ghostchrome

    What the Heck is This? (12 Pin Diode)

    I had a burner in an old computer and took it apart hoping that I would find something inside that was half-way recognizable. Oh boy, was I wrong. I have no idea what this is. The sled is from a Philips DVD/RW 2000 Series. I believe it is a DVD/CDRW combo drive, meaning I don't think this...
  12. Ghostchrome

    Tearing Apart the LPC-815 Sled. Give Me the Goodies!

    This morning I decided to tear apart the leftover LPC-815 sled that I had already harvested the diodes from. Here's the goodies I discovered deep within the dark recesses of the sled: First off, an assorted bunch of lenses and coated glass. The glass allows part of the light go through while...
  13. Ghostchrome

    Woman Accused of Shining Laser at an Airliner

    The newest case of shining a laser at an aircraft: From here. I'll never understand the need to aim a laser at an aircraft, but I guess it takes all kinds. May the wheels of justice lay rubber upon her ass.
  14. Ghostchrome

    First Red Build (The Continuing Saga of DIY Goodness)

    I've been working on a laser for several weeks now. LOTS of reading and learning new things... waiting on parts... putting things together... waiting for more parts... I love it. So I thought I'd share my experiences with you. :D I've had some electronics experience waaaay back in high...
  15. Ghostchrome

    Review: Lazerer LZTN - 532nm 30mW Smallest Green Laser Pointer

    I got my 30mW 532nm pointer from Lazerer today! :wave: I thought I'd write up a quick review on while it's still new in my hand. I've heard nothing but good things about Lazerer so far, so I figured I'd give them a shot. This is my first review, so please be gentle with me. The Price The...
  16. Ghostchrome

    Hi Folks!

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking for several days now and thought that I'd introduce myself. Like many of you, I've always been a fan of science and learning, and like any aficionado of sci-fi, I have aspirations of turning my garage into a mad scientist's lab.... I just have to convince my...