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    Focalprice rep email/contact

    Guys, Does anyone have the email addy for a Focalprice representative/PR guy? I need it for our tech website (TechnoBuffalo ES). Thanks in advance!
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    1,8W 808nm from DinoDirect @ $172,37 each!

    Guys, Michelle from DinoDirect.com has let me know that they're offering a deal for LPF on the following 808nm laser: Click Me! It's a Firedragon IV 1,8W 808nm laser The price for the laser (LPF members only) is $172,23 Specifications: Output: 1,8W (DinoDirect verified) Wavelength: 808nm...
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    30% to 40% off on 830lm Jetbeam BC40 Flashlight - DinoDirect GB (Cross-link!)

    Guys, As some of you may not visit the GB section frequently, I'm creating this thread just to let you know that DinoDirect is hosting a GB for the Jetbeam BC40, here's the link: http://laserpointerforums.com/f55/30-40-off-830lm-jetbeam-bc40-flashlight-dinodirect-gb-66472.html#post955659
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    30% to 40% off on 830lm Jetbeam BC40 Flashlight - DinoDirect GB

    Guys, Michelle from DinoDirect.com has offered us 30% to 40% off on the following flashlight: Click Me! It's a Jetbeam BC40 with a CREE XM-L LED Specifications: Output: 830lm Emitter: CREE XM-L Finish: Type III Hard Anodization Modes: 2 (Low - 130lm / High - 830lm) Waterproof: Yes, up to 2...
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    [HELP] Need someone to send HP TouchPad

    Guys, If you haven't heard about it, HP is selling their TouchPads at $99 since they've discontinued webOS from HP hardware. Of course, they're being sold everywhere but in South America :p A friend of mine would like to get his hands on one and thus I'm invoking the LPF HELPING HAND, would...
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    FandyFire 2100 & Ultrafire C1 In-Depth Review for DealExtreme.com

    I received a FandyFire 2100 flashlight from DealExtreme.com. Two years ago I bought an Ultrafire C1 as per laserpointerforums' members recommendations and thus here is my unbiased review and comparison of the two units: Disclaimer: This thread is loaded with 23 images so it may take a while to...
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    Heat Sensitive Putty

    Has anyone ever thought of doing this? -C0CKv2srIg I just came into this putty thing today, this might lead to new experiments and cool pictures!
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    WTB - Motorola Milestone

    Want To Buy: Motorola Milestone Yes, I know this is LPF, but I know there are many of you in here that love smartphones as well :) "Why don't you buy it in Argentina?" -Have you seen our prices? :cryyy: I don't mind if it's used, I just need it to have no scratches (at least not on the...
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    Neocube @ Alibaba

    Guys, here's the neocube with free shipping to the US for almost half the price of DX: Wholesale Neocube Toy Neocube Ball Neo Cubes Buckyballs Toy 5MM 216 Balls Nickel It's about $14.00, pretty nice deal. EDIT: Just found another deal...
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    Water Weenies / Water Wigglers - Nostalgia

    Anybody remember these? From: Giant Water Wiggler Snake 9.5" long with glitter NEW - eBay (item 290508763382 end time Jan-04-11 05:37:37 PST) I never figured out how to make them... sadly I never had one. Last time I saw one was when I was like 5 years old :( And my parents wouldn't buy...
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    PriceAngels über mini review

    Hello guys, I used the $10.00 discount that John generously sent the ones who were included in the 'review poll' and got a Zalman cooler + 120mm Fan grill. They both arrived in a standard HK Post bag, which is great since the product was in perfect conditions. They felt like it wasn't enough...
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    Sellers website description under their name

    I believe that with the amount of sellers we have we could do the following to identify them: Modify their 'Class X Laser' to their website 'www.xyzwtr.com' (example, of course). This way we not only identify sellers correctly but also prevent spam and misinformation (we create an official...
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    So I fried my 4850...

    After installing the used Accelero S1 Rev. 2 I bought for a ridiculously high price (since I couldn't even purchase it new... no shop in Buenos Aires had it) I put my card in and start the PC... [Goes into BIOS--> Looks at temps: "Hmm, ok, no problems here" --> Boots up.....no....doesn't...
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    WTB - Accelero S1 Rev. 2

    Hey guys, I'm in need of an Accelero S1 Rev. 2 for my 4850, I'm building a silent PC and I need the least amount of noise possible. I'd love to know if any of you would be willing to sell yours. If you have one, please let me know (plus the shipping cost to Argentina!, and if it has the turbo...
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    Happy Friends' Day!

    Well I don't know if you celebrate this day but I consider a lot of people here my friend and such I wanted to honour you with some cereal. Happy friends' day!
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    DinoDirect 100mW 532nm Green Keychain

    I received a 100mW 532nm Green Keychain laser from DinoDirect and here is my unbiased review: Disclaimer: This thread is loaded with 9 images (I could add more later if anybody wants any specific shot) so it may take a while to load. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D90 18-105mm f/3,5-...
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    Layout change (open thread)

    But c0ld, will it ever be changed back? I can't stand the fact that I'm wasting precious screen space. I need to save screen space. "I can't spare a square!" ...pixel.
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    Driver Compilation Thread - All Drivers In Just One Thread!

    Seeing that this section has been created, how about creating the DrT (Driver Thread, not to be confused with DT, Diode Thread)? Any info, pictures, videos, etc. will help! :)
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    Wacom Tablets (help me choose)

    Guys, I want to purchase a Wacom tablet to use mainly for Photoshop editing and drawing. I have my eyes on the Bamboo Pen. Does anybody own any writing tablet? Do you have any experience with Wacom and their drivers? Do they wear out easily? Do you have a used one (excellent state) that you'd...
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    AlienWare M11x Laptop or Equivalent?

    Why do you need it? What will you be using it for? I think that's a lot of money for that configuration. If you can go with a desktop then go for it, you'll get something much better. Also, don't buy from AW, get a Toshiba. AW charges a lot for the design. Dont go alienware, there plenty of...