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  1. john_lawson

    Hey guys what’s up

    Been a long minute but back to do some reading and catch up hopefully no one makes fun of me cause I’m pretty much a newb again
  2. john_lawson

    help on build

    Wow I'm like 5 years behind looking for driver for my m140 diode I bought from eBay I know I know ebay lol from what I've read unit needs 1-2 amps anyone got a reasonable price on a driver I like the old rkstr ones and have like 5 still but they cannot put that put out any suggestions
  3. john_lawson

    first Yellow

    Hi all been too long i still have my 405-445-473-532 i need a yellow any suggestions or deals :can:
  4. john_lawson

    movie you should not go see

    Noah wow terribly bad worst movie I've ever seen Killer clowns from outer space Made it look killer clowns was actually good do not go see it not worth the 22 bucks I donated lol
  5. john_lawson

    Hey from atwater ca

    Hey this place is out of control got hella big Hi everyone
  6. john_lawson

    Me having fun on my new toy

  7. john_lawson

    Here's Johnny

    Hey guys just remembered my password wassssup
  8. john_lawson

    everything going prices coming

    RPL-375 1 hour use tops --600.00 RPL Blue 25 mW--30 minutes use 600.00 wicked 1&2&3 green 100-200-200 mW 803-t diodes a shirtload ---20 100.00 drivers old school rckstr----adj 10 50.00 kenometer------------------------ 150
  9. john_lawson

    ok fill me in

    wassssssssssup y'all whats new :na:
  10. john_lawson

    laser labels 16 pack universal

    I hope this isn't a re-post i just bought myself some of these they look sweet http://cgi.ebay.com/Universal-laser-warning-label-sheet-16-labels-/360250174129?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e0956ab1
  11. john_lawson

    Help got an anti virus live virus

    wtf came home and my computer was saying anti virus live detected 55 problems with this fake looking scan program and it showed these two new icons on my task bar,i fought it for hours then went to bed got on my phone found out how to go to safe mode and restore option so i did seemed to...
  12. john_lawson

    Spyder III PRO 100mW

    hey guys starting my comback just picked up a 100 mW 532 Spyder III. I thought hey low price about 300 bucks,and look how pretty she is ! So even though 300 is a lot of dough,while going through a divorce i just had too . Appearance -sleek new design beautifull lines --a model 9 out of...
  13. john_lawson

    how long have you been here?

    hey just noticed yesterday ive been here two years on this forum how long have u guys been here ?:wave:
  14. john_lawson

    The Secret cd and book

    Been trying this out anyone else tried it
  15. john_lawson

    D*&^%$e funds

    Closed thread sorry
  16. john_lawson

    Ehgemus RPL style host

    Nice host chrome sleek finish made by a professional for sure Threads are sweet his switch design flawless -already 2 go a def + took me less than 30 minutes to build this unit -and the diode was still in the sled when i started ok i used a conservative 108 ma (approx) to get a 100 mw...
  17. john_lawson

    anyone buy from here yet

    new site has anyone heard of these people Wholesale Green Laser | wsdeal.com
  18. john_lawson

    new video Ghost confirmed real GHOST

    YouTube - Michael Jackson's Ghost.. Scary new raw footage MJ Ghost
  19. john_lawson

    Company party

    went to the company Party tonight just got back Jay Leno was there for a show he's funny as hell in person but after that Neil Diamond band went on lets just say after 1 1/2 songs i packed up for home bummer i didn't even recognize any of his songs but he pretty much bites
  20. john_lawson

    The New Spyder One Pro 200mW 532 handheld

    Well i must say This unit brought a whole new level of respect for Wickeds new series ok I admitt it I couldn't sleep until it arrived "Thanks Niko" lol oh back to the review as before Steves shipping from China is unbeaton 2 days and BAMMM its here , packaging was excellent delivered...