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  1. IWIRE

    180mw "Green Weenie"

    Born 7/6/2014 "Green Weenie". Found the host on Ebay. Had Mrcrouse machine a heat sink. Used a microboost drive. Used the stock LED driver as the battery contact just stripped the components off the back. I'll try and post a better beam shot. I will admit, it's kind of nice having something that...
  2. IWIRE

    462 Blue Bayou

    Introducing the proud birth of "Blue Bayou" Born on 06/12/14 Blue Bayou was brought into the world as a beacon for the full moon tonight on Friday 13th :) Diode of course from 3 day DTR :) Make sure module fits heatsink Make sure lens threads into module Install the diode in the module...
  3. IWIRE

    IMREN 18650 High Drain Battery

    I've been looking for the best 18650 for a high current application. It's a single 18650 build that pulls approx. 6a. So far I have tested Panasonic, Efest, Sony, LG and Imren,all of them are the high drain versions. The Imren has the lowest internal resistance and maintains the highest battery...
  4. IWIRE

    Go Army ! "G.I. Jane" *pics*

    Introducing G.I. Jane 9mm 445nm, 2 x 26650, X-drive mini 2.4a It has a nice copper bus to solder to. :) Insulated the positive contact so it won't short against heat sink It has plenty of room for 2 x 26650 batteries It comes with these cool lenses that store in the tailcap Has a nice...
  5. IWIRE

    Introducing "Deuces Wild" 5.4w

  6. IWIRE

    Nichia 3.5w oops :( *pics*

    Not sure what happened, I thought you could parallel boost drives. I took two SXB's set each one to 2.2a. put them together and was getting 4.4a. Assembled everything it powered right up. Was checking the output on my lpm and when it hit 5w it shut down. I thought the clicky switch had died...
  7. IWIRE

    Started MS-SSW I.V ? :) *pics*

    I guess it's a MS-SSW 1.5, it's a combination of MS-SSW & MS-SSW II. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. I call her Jackie Blue. She will be running the new 3.5w Nichia diode. Everything has been test fit, just doing final assembly. I'm keeping this one :) Here is using Flaminpyros stuck module...
  8. IWIRE

    16x build Mark of the Beast *pics*

    It all started strange. Find a victim to sacrifice. Take a perfectly good bluray burner and turn it to rubble. Take the extracted diode and using Flaminpyros press tool, press said diode into DTR's module. Take a flexdrive from Illumination Supply and using Flamnpyros Super Excellent test load...
  9. IWIRE

    Budget 12x build *pics*

    I found this host on Ebay and thought it looked cool. I actually really like this host, the focusing is internal by rotating the barrel, it's smooth and stays where you put it. The adjustment is fine tuned inside when you assemble it so it doesn't hit the diode holder but you have full range...
  10. IWIRE

    Jetlasers 532nm PL-E Pro & Ti B

    I recently was lucky enough to get a 700mw PL-E Pro, I was so impressed that I had to get the 100mw Ti B, in fear they would discontinue the Ti B. The 700mw is kind of pricey by my standards. I'm just a blue collar worker. :) It is worth every penny. The Ti B was a steal ! What a nice laser ...
  11. IWIRE


    I just ordered a 532nm 700mw PL-E Pro from them. These people rock ! The laser is really nice, I'll do a review of it in the review section soon as I have time. There was a slight delay in shipping so they threw in a power supply and an extra battery tube. I wasn't even complaining or asking for...
  12. IWIRE

    Build #2 pics & specs

    Build #2 was uneventful. 9mm 445nm diode, driver and module from DTR. Excellent service as always from DTR. For some reason I had to sign for my parts this time. Luckily I was able to chase down the mail delivery person and get my stuff. Might have been because I ordered more "stuff" this time...
  13. IWIRE

    First build & Thank you !

    I couldn't have ever put this together and made it work if it wasn't for all the great info in this forum. Special thanks to DTR & Survival Laser for getting me parts darn near as fast as I could let the smoke out of them :bowdown: Thanks to Flaminpyro for listening to me ramble while I worked...
  14. IWIRE

    DX 2000mw Radiant X LPM

    This is with fresh 16430 3.7v batteries. With CR123 3.2v batteries it wouldn't even come close to this reading. Batteries must make a BIG difference. Be interesting to see what my build using DTR's 9mm 445nm diode, Survival Lasers S4 host with ext tube running two Panasonic 18650 batteries and...
  15. IWIRE

    Hey from Tulsa

    Thought I'd drop in and say Hey ! I'm Dave from Tulsa, OK. I'm a Journeyman Electrician and enjoy electronic projects as a hobby. I'm hoping to listen and learn from others with more knowledge than myself. I recently purchased a blue laser from BL . I'm really wanting to build my own so I'll be...