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  1. cantthinkofone

    Need Info

    I was actually just on that thread for the GB. if i get the money I may be down for a 561. I have been out so long I cant even remember the proper polarity of my CNI gpl-589 (which means im afraid to put any batteries in it until I figure out the polarity.) Thanks for the update!
  2. cantthinkofone

    Need Info

    Hey guys. I dont know if many of you remember me but I figured I'd check back now that I have some more money and free time to maybe get back into lasers. So whats new? Whats the hottest new diode? When I left there was some talk of laser laws. Any important changes there? Thanks in advanced! Nate
  3. cantthinkofone

    Mirror mount for laser Spirograph

    I just hot glue mine. have you tried using epoxy?
  4. cantthinkofone

    I have tried the water with milk

    No such thing as too weak of a laser unless you are wanting it to burn...
  5. cantthinkofone

    Is a white laser possible?

    Yes. But it's not easy.
  6. cantthinkofone

    My formal good bye (not forever though)

    Over the past couple months my life really took over and I just had to step back from it all. After months of doing NOTHING but laser related activities I just kinda lost most interest in them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE building things and I very much plan to continue building lasers, just at a "laser"...
  7. cantthinkofone

    Glasses really needed?

    this thread is heading in the right direction. mike hunt though lol
  8. cantthinkofone

    Glasses really needed?

    lol. good one mac!
  9. cantthinkofone

    Glasses really needed?

    yeah like a month ago. most keys cured but the space key, shift key, caps key, and control key are still sticky as hell.
  10. cantthinkofone

    Glasses really needed?

    actually yeah lol. starbuck coffee+me+macbook= sticky keys lol
  11. cantthinkofone

    Glasses really needed?

    the fact this is a thread is one reason i claim in taking my time returning to this forum. people like this make me sad of the future.
  12. cantthinkofone

    First Laser

    Yes my post denotes you as stupid regardless of the fact I never once said a thing about it. Lasers are to be held to the highest mark of respect regardless of who you are. They are not toys and safety is not something to be taken lightly. Thanks!
  13. cantthinkofone

    First Laser

    even with my long absences from this society, it ceases to amaze the amount of people who want a powerful burning death ray type deal and dont know the dangers directly associated with them. you know you could get a nasty burn, blind yourself, and others, all in one convenient laser. please use...
  14. cantthinkofone

    you CAN build a laser without asking questions!

    Noobs be like: I want a lazer so I cans be 1337 and sh1ne in peopels facez
  15. cantthinkofone

    Possible career with lasers/laser pointers? *Help*

    You could work in dentistry with the SWEET SWEET oh yeah baby SWEET lasers they put their grubby fingers on.
  16. cantthinkofone

    Purpose of lasers

    I hate humans, however I do not burn them with proton death rays. Must watch what you say around spider hobbyists (i keep spiders) As to OP, what is the point of most things? Take instruments for example, yes they make sound and can be bashed against enemies/zombies head, but what can they truly...
  17. cantthinkofone

    Build #2 pics & specs

    Nice build. The 1w greenies are just god awful at efficiency. Oh well. Great job on the build :beer:
  18. cantthinkofone

    WARNING- See if you will ever buy an Ultrafire after seeing this.....

    if somebody could point me to a site with all the REAL DEAL cells it would be much appreciated. i have a ultrafire 14500s or something of the sort and although ive never had problems this scares me...
  19. cantthinkofone

    Copper Pen Host - The Cypreus Series 2x10440 - [All Sold]

    Re: PRESALE: Copper Pen Host - The Cypreus Series 2x10440 and 1x10440 id like a black 1x10440 please. i cant use that forum as its near impossible so i think ill just use this and pms for payment. these have focus adapters in same color right?
  20. cantthinkofone

    So you think you don't need goggles... just look at this.

    thats crazy! i wonder if my glasses do the same... jk reflections scare me too much. Tmack, why u no respond to PM